Rumor suggests February 2 launch event for Honeycomb

Sources say that Google is planning to officially lift the veil on Android version 3.0, otherwise known as Honeycomb, in just two days.

Android topples Symbian, it was only a matter of time

For years and years, it seemed like nothing would ever dethrone Nokia's Symbian as the top smartphone platform in the world, but thanks to Google's rising presence in the mobile community and a continuing decline from Nokia, it finally happened.

Nokia may actually make an Android phone

It looks like pigs can fly and hell has frozen over, because Nokia has hinted that it might actually ditch its own mobile operating system to make a phone that runs on Android.

Sony snubs iPhone, PlayStation gaming coming to Android

Amid all the extreme excitement over the PSP2 - Sony's first new dedicated gaming device announcement in more than eight years - there was one detail that somewhat got overlooked and is worth a second look.

Mobile apps to rake in $15 billion in 2011

If a leading analyst group's predictions are correct, the year for mobile apps in 2011 will nearly triple from what we saw in 2010.

Kongregate Arcade...It's back!

Kongregate Arcade has returned to Google’s Android market after being abruptly removed for allegedly violating stringent app guidelines.

Google disappointed with Android Market performance

There is a whole lot of apps available for download on the Android Market, but when it comes to professional developers, many turn a blind eye to the platform because it's hard to make a commercially successful app for Android. That has Google feeling disappointed in itself.

Modder creates a wind-up Android phone charger

Those Android phones can be real power hogs, and when the battery dies you may not be near an outlet. But if you're anything like Ben Heck, that doesn't have to be a problem.

Sony Ericsson may be planning a Windows Phone 7 phone

Sony Ericsson wants to be the #1 global maker of Android phones, but now it looks like it will have its eyes elsewhere as a report suggests the company will start producing Windows Phone 7 devices as well.

Samsung Vibrant gets Android 2.2, after evil delay

After facing mounting criticism for its extremely slow pace of upgrading its T-Mobile Vibrant phone, Samsung is finally ready to deploy Android 2.2 to the device.

Team to send Android phone into space

A British team is planning to blast an Android phone into space, to see how well it stands up to the ordeal and whether it could be used to control a satellite.

Xoom rumored to be priced at an insane $800

Motorola's anticipated Android-based Xoom tablet has been making a lot of headlines because it's the first to use Android 3.0 and is upgradeable to a 4G connection. But now it's making headlines for a less favorable reason.

Is Android Honeycomb a "tablet only" OS?

After months and months of anticipation, rumor has it that Android 3.0 - a.k.a Honeycomb - may never arrive on smartphones, at least in its current form.

Nokia cancels X7 phone in the US

Well this may be it, folks. The X7, which was supposed to be one of the phones to bring Nokia back from the edge of the grave in countries like the US, will not be coming out here after all, thanks to the fact that carriers didn't seem at all interested.

0.4% of Android owners have Gingerbread 2.3

Well the latest stats are in about how many Android users are using which version of the operating system, and so far less than one half of one percent are running the most recent platform.

Starbucks iPhone payments going nationwide

After an apparently successful trial run at select Starbucks location, the coffee chain now plans to take its mobile payment technology across all of its 6800 locations.

Ally and Acclaim smartphones finally get Android 2.2

It took long enough, but the LG Ally and Samsung Acclaim smartphones have finally been upgraded to Android 2.2, the version of Google's operating system that most users have been using for months now.

TurboTax lets you file taxes from your phone

Sorry for the reminder, guys, but it's tax season. But at least it can be a bit easier on you this year, as Android users will be able to file their taxes from their phone for the first time with TurboTax.

China in Android malware crackdown

Beijing has kicked off a crackdown against handset vendors deliberately distributing Android-powered mobile phones infected with stealth malware.

Report: Android apps disappear from market

A number of Android devs are reporting that their mobile apps have been unceremoniously and "wrongfully unpublished" from Google's Android market.