Report: Amazon prepping TV set-top box

Amazon is reportedly prepping a TV set-top box designed to stream to video and presumably run Android apps from the company's curated storefront.

Video: Android-powered GameStick dev kit gets unboxed

PlayJam's Android-powered GameStick turned up on Kickstarter earlier this year, seeking money from the masses. 

BBC admits existence of other operating systems

The era where Apple fanboys at the BBC use license payer money to prop up Apple's tablet business, has finally come to a close. The BBC does not allow access to its programs worldwide. The UK charges anyone with a TV or other device a large license fee, with hefty penalties if people are found to be unlicensed.

Mele showcases quad-core Android set-top box

Mele recently showcased its very first set-top box powered by an Allwinner A31 quad-core SoC.

Bluetimes Android set-top boxes go for $70 and under

Bluetimes recently debuted two Android set-top boxes based on AML8726-MX chipset for less than $70, including shipping.

Archos Arnova 97 G4 tablet offers 9.7-inches of budget Android goodness

In the crowded world of Android tablets, Archos is probably one of the better-known brand names.

Malware lurks in Google Play Store

Lookout has unearthed a new family of malware it is dubbing BadNews - which has emerged in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

$229 Pipo M8Pro is a 9.4-inch, quad-core Android tablet

Chinese gadget maker Pipo has debuted a 9.4-inch tablet dubbed the M8pro. The device features a 9.4-inch screen set at a resolution of 1280 x 800.

Archos debuts unlocked smartphone lineup

Archos - a company which has thus far focused on Android tablets - has debuted a lineup of Google certified smartphones.

iBenX is an Android gaming machine

There are literally thousands of video games for Android-powered tablets and smartphones. The problem?

Security vulnerabilities found in Android apps

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have determined that popular texting, messaging and microblog apps developed for the Android smartphone are hobbled by security flaws that could expose private information or allow forged fraudulent messages to be posted.

Hon Hai signs up with Microsoft over patents

Hon Hai, parent company of electronics maker Foxconn, has signed a deal with Microsoft that will allow it to legally produce devices with Android and Chrome OS patents - the cash going to Redmond for each device.

Android meant for cameras, not smartphones

Smart cameras are finally starting to show up, but according to outgoing Android boss Andy Rubin, they could have been around for years. Speaking at an event in Tokyo, Rubin said Android was originally conceived as an operating system for cameras, not phones. 

$89 MK809 III quad-core Android TV stick hits pre-order

If you're in the market for a new Android-powered TV stick, the MK809 III, which features a quad-core Rockchip RK3188 processor, is now available for pre-order.

EOMA-68 cards could enable upgradable tablets

One of the things I've always liked about desktop computers running Microsoft Windows or Linux is that they are fairly easy to upgrade.

UB4 Android TV stick packs quad-core power

The Measy U4B is fitted with both a quad-core processor and $100 price tag.

Android, not Apple, may soon lead tablets

Approximately 150 million tablets (up 38% year-over-year) are forecasted to ship globally in 2013. Thus far, Apple has reigned since the introduction of its iPad in 2010, though Samsung and others continue to erode its early success.

Freelander tablets go quad-core with RK3188 SoC

We've seen quite a few tablets powered by Rockchip's RK3188 quad-core processor turn up in recent weeks.

Now Microsoft wants 7-inch Windows 8 tablets

Sales of Microsoft's Surface tablets - both Windows RT and 8 - have been considerably less-than-stellar. Nevertheless, Redmond is said to be designing a new lineup of devices, including a 7-inch tablet which could kick off mass production in late 2013.

Office for iOS, Android delayed

Microsoft has apparently been forced to delay the rollout of Microsoft Office for iOS and Android by almost a year.