Asus's first Android 3.0 tablet on the way (not in the US, yet)

Asus, one of the biggest companies to embrace the world of netbooks and tablets, has announced the completion of its first tablet to be powered by Android 3.0.

Critics say pro-Android browser study hella flawed

A study that compared browser load times on Android versus iOS is being slammed with criticism.

Android can browse the Web faster than iPhone

According to the results of a new independent test, Android 2.3 is able to load websites 52% faster than an iPhone running iOS 4.3.

Netflix Android app kinda sorta sees the light of day

Netflix has created an Android app for use on a prototype LG smartphone called the Revolution.

Wi-Fi-only Xoom heading out, 'only' $599

Answering to complaints that the $800 Xoom is too expensive, Motorola has just announced a cheaper version set to debut at all the major big box stores.

App helps you lie to your boss

A new app from British firm Gospelware is designed to help unimaginative employees bunk off work.

Dual-screeen Kyocera Echo phone set for April 17

Kyocera and Sprint have confirmed launch details for the unique 'Echo' smartphone, a dual-screen device that acts like a mini tablet in addition to a phone.

New Angry Birds will be sold on Amazon, not Android Market

A new Angry Birds game is on the way, but don't bother looking for it in the Android Market. Developer Rovio will only be releasing it through Amazon's new digital app storefront.

Analyst bashes Android Honeycomb

Android may have taken the mobile industry by storm, but Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research remains utterly unimpressed by Google's tablet-specific version of the popular OS.

Google adds 'Instant Previews' feature for mobile

If you have at least Android 2.2 or iOS 4, when you run a mobile Google search, you'll now be able to see a quick snapshot of each website result before loading the site in its entirety.

Indie dev says Android more successful than iOS

The developer of ambitious online mobile game Pocket Legends has a story to tell that's quite different than the norm these days - it says its game has earned more money on Android than on the iPhone.

Gowalla to launch "Groupon" style rewards at SXSW

We all know "checking in" to certain places using location-based mobile services like Foursquare and Gowalla can have some real life benefits.

Foursquare reaches the next level with 3.0 update

The social geo-tagging app Foursquare has just been elevated to version 3.0 on Android and the iPhone, and brings with it a whole slew of new features that go beyond just 'checking in' at your favorite hot spots.

Latest Comscore numbers confirm Android beats Blackberry

Mirroring a report from Nielsen last week, the latest numbers from respected mobile industry tracker Comscore show that Android is now the most popular smartphone platform in the country, putting an end to the seemingly unbeatable Blackberry operating system.

Google moves to counter Android malware

Google security experts have removed a number of malicious apps recently published in the Android Market.

Can Android beat iOS and dominate the tablet market?

Apple currently remains on track to win 70% of the tablet market this year with its next-gen iPad 2. However, one analyst believes Android-based tablets will triumph over the iPad in the long-term.

Saab eyes Android-based in-car entertainment system

Android developers are soon going to have a whole new system to play with as Saab is turning the keys to its IQon in-car entertainment system over to the Google operating system.

Android market share topples Blackberry

It was only a matter of time, not a matter of if, Google's Android operating system would become the dominate mobile platform. That time is now.

Blackberry Messenger might be coming to Android, iPhone

Look outside - is it raining cats and dogs? Are pigs flying? If so, then this latest rumor, which suggest Research in Motion is considering bringing Blackberry Messenger to other mobile platforms, may be true.

iPad 2: The risks are all internal

As we watched the iPad 2 launch today, many of us wondered if the popular tablet should be considered just another PC, or perhaps - like the iPod - a unique product in its own category.