Running core Android 4.2 apps on any Jelly Bean device

You don't have to wait for Android 4.2 to run updated core apps.

Video: Green Throttle wants to turn Android devices into consoles

Certain pundits have been predicting the demise of game consoles for years now.

Rooted Jelly Bean leaks for (Verizon) Galaxy S III

A rooted and deodexed version of Android Jelly Bean has leaked for Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. 

Report: Microsoft prepping Office Mobile for iOS, Android

Microsoft is apparently prepping a mobile version of its popular Office suite for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. 

Hackable set-top boxes get hardware update

Mele is a company that designs Android-powered devices for streaming media, such as the A1000 Android/Ubuntu-powered set-top box which can be modded to run multiple operating systems. 

Steve Ballmer says Windows Phone 8 will ramp "quickly"

Although Redmond's Windows mobile platform has experienced difficulty competing with Apple's iOS and Google's Android, Steve Ballmer says he expects Windows Phone 8 sales to "ramp up" in the near future.  

These $600 Android-powered Oakley goggles are so cyberpunk

Some days it really seems like Google's wildly popular Android operating system is popping up everywhere and anywhere.

Android shows gains in tablet market

Apple's launch of the iPad Mini hit the company's sales figures in the previous months as users hung on for the new device.

The security features of Android 4.2

Android 4.2 offers improved protection from rogue apps installed via third-party stores.

Gingerbread still most popular version of Android

Google may be releasing a slew of new smartphones and and tablets loaded with Jelly Bean goodness, but its legacy Gingerbread OS (2.3.x) still runs on approximately 54% of Android devices. 

Video: Tegatech DLI7200 dual-boots Windows and Android

This handheld device dual boots Windows and Android.

Lenovo eyes budget Android tablet market

Lenovo's A2107 probably won't win any performance accolades, but is very reasonably priced at approximately $150, with similar Android devices weighing in at around $199.

Amazon’s Cloud Drive Photos goes live for Android

Amazon has rolled out a free Android app for its Cloud Drive Photos platform, making it easier for users to upload, store, share and browse photos from their phones and tablets.

Archos 80 Cobalt tablet runs Android ICS with an 8-inch screen

The Archos 80 Cobalt boasts a slightly larger screen than the budget Android tablet norm at 8-inches, but its retail price will ultimately help determine the fate of the device.

Wikipad delayed, we try to stay calm

I'm sure I'm not the only gamer out there who is super stoked about the upcoming Wikipad, an Android-powered mobile gaming console. 

Nexus 7 sales nearing a million per month

Google's Nexus 7 tablet is truly the definition of success.

Dual booting Nook Tablets with Android Jelly Bean

Interested in dual booting your Nook Tablet with Android Jelly Bean?

Android jobs rocket as iOS jobs stagnate

Android jobs are booming, while the number of Apple iOS vacancies has levelled off, the world's largest online jobs survey has revealed.

Google debuts Android Nexus 10 tablet

Google has announced the $399 Nexus 10, a 10.1-inch device that will likely become Mountain View's flagship tablet as it attempts to take on Apple's iPad. 

Google announces Nexus 4 made by LG

Google's next official "Nexus" product is a new 4-inch smartphone being manufactured by LG.