Sony's "Yuga" is a tricked-out smartphone

Sony is reportedly prepping a 5-inch 1080p smartphone codenamed "Yuga."

Zealz GK802 rocks a quad-core processor and $99 price tag

The Android TV PC-on-a-stick market has become quite crowded over the last several months.

eSfere console wants to take on the Ouya

Funky game console wants to bring Android content to your TV using a touchscreen controller.

Fuhu Nabi XD tablet aims at kids with Android and more

There are currently a number of tablets on the market today aimed at kids in specific age groups.

Jelly Bean imminent for (Verizon) Samsung Galaxy S III

Verizon has confirmed that it will (finally) be rolling out Google's long-awaited Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) upgrade for Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III smartphone on December 14.

This YotaPhone is loaded with E Ink and LCD displays

Over the last several months, we've seen a number of smartphone prototypes with a low power E-Ink display on one side and a traditional LCD on the other.

Microsoft steps up Surface RT tablet efforts

Sales of Microsoft's Windows 8 RT tablet may be less-than-stellar, but Redmond remains determined to promote its flagship tablet in mainstream retail stores.

Samsung Galaxy Camera gets an open-source bootloader

There is certainly no shortage of dedicated devs and modders working on hacking Android-powered devices to make them more useful and customizable.

Intel's Android-powered Red Ridge tablet spotted at the FCC

Intel's x86 entry into the ARM-dominated smartphone and tablet market is progressing rather slowly.

MK802 PCs-on-a-stick get a software update

New software update makes it easier to control the MK802 II or III PC-on-a-stick.

Google tweaks Snapseed for Android

Snapseed goes free as it lands on Android.

Slice multi-touch keyboard cuts the Android

I think we can all agree that on-screen mobile keyboards, whether for tablets or smartphones, are far from perfect. 

Demand for tablets has never been higher

A strong competitive market - including surging Android tablet shipments and robust demand for Apple's iPad mini - has prompted analysts at IDC to revise their 2012 projection for the worldwide tablet market.

Diyomate A5 Dual Core is an Android set-top box

Diyomate is currently prepping an Android set-top box powered by an Infotmic iMAPx820 dual core A5 SoC clocked at 1 GHz and paired with a Mali-400 GPU.

PhoneJoy wants to turn handsets into consoles

We've seen quite a few smartphone game controllers turn up on Kickstarter and other sites in recent months.

Android-powered Toshiba Excite 10 SE tablet priced at $350

New Toshiba Excite 10 SE tablet is $100 cheaper than its predecessor, but still dangerously close to the price of the iPad 2.

XBMC 12 Frodo hits beta 2 and Android

The first beta version of XBMC 12.0, also known as Frodo, went live in mid-November for Windows, OS X the Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu - but not Android.

PengPod preps Linux+Android tablets for Jan launch

PengPod has confirmed that it will be shipping 7 and 10 inch tablets with support for Linux and Google Android this January.

Ouya dev consoles ship on December 28

Ouya has confirmed that the developer version of its long-awaited Android-powered console will ship on December 28.

Video: Winulator runs classic Windows games on Android

A developer by the name of Dan Aloni has coded an emulator that allows users to play classic Windows games (95 or 98) on Android devices.