Google updates Jelly Bean Gmail app

Google has updated its Gmail Android app, which now allows users to save time on the actions they use most often: reply, archive, and search.

ARM wants to replace cable boxes with HDMI sticks

There are a variety of cheap HDMI PCs-on-a-stick on the market today. Most are loaded with Google's popular Android operating system, allowing users to easily run apps and stream media on big screen TVs in the living room. 

iPhone is outdated, Blackberry head claims

The Australian Financial Review bagged a scoop this week when Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins declared the iPhone is pretty much dated technology. Heins said that there is an increasing excitement towards non-Apple smartphones and the enthusiasm for Samsung's S4 signified this.

Android TV sticks go quad-core with Rockchip RK3188 SoCs

There is certainly no shortage of Android-powered TV sticks on the market today. Most of them boast very similar hardware, while the only real difference between them is the OS variants (Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich) and cost.

BlackBerry steals share from Google and Android

It is starting to look like the new Blackberry Z10 is clawing back customers that RIM lost to Apple and Samsung.

Android under attack from Apple

Top Apple church leader and marketing chief Phil Schiller has ordered a crusade against Google's fragmented Android - claiming that only Jobs' Mob can bring the sort of unity that the world desperately needs.

Andy Rubin steps away from Android, starts new chapter at Google

Google CEO Larry Page has confirmed that Android co-founder Andy Rubin is starting a "new chapter" at Mountain View as he hands over the Android reins to Sundar Pichai.

Giaye is an orb-shaped Android set-top box

Giayee has unveiled a pod-like Android-powered set-top box that is quite reminiscent of Google's short-lived Nexus Q.

Android on Intel, now dual-booting with Windows 8

Developers at Intel's Open Source Technology Center have coded a new version of Android optimized to run on Santa Clara's x86 chips.

Cube U30GT2 rocks a high-res screen and quad-core processor

A slick tablet has turned up from Chinese manufacturer Cube that offers an uber-high resolution (1920 x 1200) 10.1-inch display

Uber-mini Cloudsto Media PC fits an external HDD

When it comes to small form factor media computers, one can typically expect a thin laptop hard drive for storage.

Almost all mobile malware now targets Android

As Apple likes to keep reminding us, Android is the biggest target for mobile malware - and, according to F-Secure, it's getting more so all the time.

An Allwinner A31 quad-core processor powers this Android TV stick

There's certainly no shortage of Android-powered TV sticks designed to stream all sorts of content to the big-screen.

Asus Transformer AiO-tablet runs Windows 8 and Android

Asus has launched an all-in-one computer (AIO) dubbed the Transformer AiO P1801.

Android 4.0 (ICS) + outpaces Gingerbread share

Mountain View keeps track of its Google Android distribution (version) numbers and has done so for quite some time.

Opera releases Android beta

Just three weeks after announcing its plans to scrap its Pesto rendering engine and switch to WebKit, Opera's released a beta version of the Opera browser for Android that it showed off at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month.

Android ClockworkMod Superuser app goes live

Android enthusiasts who routinely root their devices will undoubtedly be pleased to read about a new app from veteran dev Koushik Doutta known as Superuser.

These Android mini-PCs are powered by an Allwinner A20 chip

The Allwinner A20 can best be described as a dual-core, ARM Cortex-A7 processor paired with Mali 400 graphics.

Android dominates smartphone apps, iOS rules tablets

The annual volume of smartphone app downloads is pegged to reach an impressive 56 billion in 2013.

Check out this E-Ink Android smartphone reference design

The combination of a LCD and E-ink display means users of the device will have the best of both worlds - with one screen providing smooth video and graphics, while the other consumes little power and is ideal for reading.