Average user spends $14 on a "free" app purchase

You might want to hang on for a second the next time you see an appealing app that's listed as "free" on the App Store and Android Market.

Push notifications come to Twitter on Android

Twitter has just updated its official Android app, bringing with it one of the most requested features from the Google mobile community.

Google launches new version of Android Market

After its own storefront for finding Android apps has fallen by the wayside, Google is fighting back.

Google pay-per-view almost ready for Android

Android phone owners will soon get their own proprietary premium video streaming app.

Google takes down Android Market in Taiwan

The Android Market does not fall in line with Taiwan consumer protection laws.

Analyst: App store revenue to double

Between the iTunes and App Store, there will be a lot of money rolling through mobile app channels.

Zipcar Android app goes out of beta

Wanna take a quick drive somewhere even if you don't have a car?

Angry Birds Android gets 15 new levels

Android gamers who were late to the Angry Birds party are coming in swinging.

Yahoo launches "app search" apps

If you're happy with the current methods of finding apps, Yahoo is throwing its hat into the ring.

Motorola blames Android market for performance "issues"

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha believes Google's Android application market is responsible for "performance issues" on some smartphones.

Video game emulators pulled from Android Market

Some of the most popular apps on the Android Market have been yanked.

Google touts Android ecosystem as activations reach 400K per day

Today Google released statistics showcasing the exponential growth of its Android operating system, which has managed to rapidly evolve into a successful ecosystem.

Apple to dominate mobile app market for years

Apple's control of the mobile app market is set to continue for at least three years, according to projections from IHS Screen Digest.

Android Market now has the most free apps

While the iTunes App Store still dwarfs the Android Market, the latter now has more free apps.

Android PSX emulator is now free in the wild

Talk about dedication! PSX4Droid dev Zodttd has made his Android PSX emulator available for free download after Google removed the application from the Market.

Grooveshark unceremoniously axed from Android Market

Google has unceremoniously axed Grooveshark's music app from the Android Market after music labels accused the service of violating copyright law. 

PSX emulator axed from Android Market, Xperia Play FTW!

The app allowed nostalgic gamers to play classic (original) Playstation titles on their Android-powered smartphones. According to PSX4Droid developer "Zodttd," the emulator was officially axed without warning due to a "Content Policy violation.”

Amazon accidentally offers Android Market sneak peek

Yes, Rovio's new Angry Birds game will be sold on Amazon's long-awaited digital app storefront. But what does the Market actually look like? 

And how does it differ from Google's official Android Market?

Android Market app 'jacked, rewritten and infected

A recently coded Android security tool has been 'jacked, rewritten, infected with malware and uploaded to alternative Chinese app markets.

Google TV to get Android Market access "shortly"

W00t! A platform-specific version of the popular Android Market is expected to arrive on Google TV sometime in the very near future.