Amazon Appstore turns 1, offers discounts

Amazon's alternative to the Android Market is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

Google Play aims to take on iTunes

Google's merged Android Market, Google Music and Google eBookstore to create Google Play, a new cloud-based service that works in much the same way as Apple's iTunes store.

Google relaxes size restrictions for Android apps

When Google's Android Market first launched in 2008, Mountain View slapped a size limit of 50 MB on app developers.

For devs, Amazon Appstore better than Android Market

For many developers, releasing Android apps on Amazon is leading to greater results than releasing the same app through the official Android Market.

Android Market "Bouncer" prevents malware

After numerous reports of Android apps that are malicious and can destroy a user's phone, Google is finally doing something about it. makes its way to Android tablets

There's a new way to keep tabs on your money if you have a Honeycomb device.

Google TV poised to make a CES splash

After being yanked from last year's show at the last minute, Google TV may be one of the big stories to come out of CES in 2012.

Android Market app tally climbs to 400K

If you just got an Android device for Christmas and want to start loading up the apps, there's quite a lot to choose from.

Malware authors target Android Market

Malware authors continue to target Google's Android market with malicious apps disguised as legitimate software.

Android Market hits 10 billion downloads

The Android Market still has quite a ways to go before it catches up with Apple's iOS App Store, but 10 billion app downloads is quite an impressive achievement for Google.

Amazon App Store updated ahead of Kindle Fire

In what is no doubt a move to prepare itself for all that is entailed in offering a full Android tablet, Amazon has updated its proprietary app store format.

Android apps finally ready for Google TV

The Google TV platform, which by all measures has been quite a flop up to this point, is ready for its first significant upgrade.

500,000 Android apps have been published

The number of apps that have been posted to the Android Market has just reached the half-million milestone, but how many of those apps are still around?

"Is My Son Gay?" app strikes controversy

Add this one to the list of apps created for the sole purpose of making people riled up.

Verizon would rather you ditch Android Market

If you happen to own a Droid, Thunderbolt, or any other Android phone running on Verizon, your method of getting apps just grew a new wrinkle.

Android app downloads to surpass iPhone

It looks like Android is about to surge ahead of yet another first-in-class title previously held by the iPhone.

Android Market on Google TV now close to reality

Hey, remember back when Google TV was introduced last year? It was supposed to change the way we interact with our TVs.

Most Android apps are overlooked

There are roughly 250,000 apps available for Android, but how many of them ever gain an attention?

HBO Go may come to PS3, Xbox 360, more

You  may very well soon be able to watch HBO from your TV. What a crazy thought.

Mobile malware explodes in first half of 2011

If you own an Android phone or iPhone, you're 2.5 more times likely to accidentally download malware today than you were in January.