Report: Amazon prepping tablet for pre-October launch

Amazon is reportedly prepping a tablet that could launch sometime before October.

Half-baked Honeycomb delays yet another tablet

It seems as if Google's half-baked Android Honeycomb operating system has struck yet again.

"Bottleneck" blamed for Asus Transformer shortage

As we reported yesterday, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer is the Android Honeycomb device no one seems to have.

Intel ports Honeycomb for x86-powered tablets

Intel is currently in the process of porting Honeycomb (Android 3.0) for use with x86-powered tablets.

Half-baked Honeycomb hobbles T-Mobile's G-Slate

It seems as if Google's half-baked Honeycomb OS is hobbling T-Mobile's G-Slate tablet, which is due to hit the streets on Wednesday, April 20th.

Yes, Apple's iPad will continue to dominate tablet market

Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi has confirmed what most of us already know: Apple's wildly popular iPad will dominate the media tablet market until at least 2015.

Yes, Motorola's Xoom is doomed

It seems as if launching a tablet loaded with a half-baked Honeycomb OS (Android 3.0) may have backfired for Motorola.

Motorola prices Xoom tablet at $600 with two-year contract

Motorola’s Xoom tablet - which is priced at $600 with a two-year contract - will be available via the Verizon network on February 24. As expected, the tablet can also be purchased without an agreement for $800.