Finding Nemo 2 is a go

While many feel that Pixar has been slipping in recent years, there’s no doubt when the company was in its prime, they delivered amazing, state of the art work with a lot of heart.

In the aftermath of John Carter

It's been a year of major ups and downs at the movies, where the winners and losers were pretty clear. 

John Carter director heads to safer waters

Everybody in Hollywood loves to act as if taking risks is a great thing. 

Yes, it’s great when taking a risk really pays off and makes a ton of money.

Alas John Carter

It's been a long time since a movie's had worse buzz than John Carter, to the point where you'd think it was the Heaven's Gate of science fiction.

Saving John Carter

Hollywood is definitely a very paranoid place. 

Everything's the end of the world, no matter how slight, because there's so much money at stake.

In defense of John Carter

With troubled buzz going around the 'Net, Disney's John Carter has seemed an iffy proposition lately, even though the studio has one of the best track records in the biz. 

Rolling the dice on John Carter

The "buzz" on movies isn't always accurate, and some films were weighed down with heavy predictions of doom before they finally hit theaters and did extremely well.

The never ending story of John Carter

At a recent press event, Andrew Stanton, director of the upcoming John Carter, an adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s A Princess of Mars, confirmed that he’s already planning a second and third film.