Samsung beats up Retina displays

Samsung Display has a few new goodies to show off at Display Week, including three displays that make Apple’s Retina panels look rather outdated. 

Samsung display folds flat without creasing

Samsung could be about to put an end to the PC/tablet debate, with the news that it's created a bendable AMOLED screen which won't crease, even after it's been folded 100,000 times.

Samsung confirms 3 million Galaxy S II pre-orders

Samsung says it managed to clinch a whopping three million Galaxy S II (global) pre-orders. 

This flexible color AMOLED is just 0.01cm thick

Taiwanese researchers have designed an amazingly flexible 6" color AMOLED. 

The display - which measures just 0.01cm thick - is capable of rendering images even when folded.

Samsung sells all AMOLED displays to Apple: Tweets

Tweets from an influential journalist suggest that Samsung is completely out of AMOLED supply because Apple placed a gigantic order, thus temporarily suspending production of Galaxy S and Wave phones.

Samsung mobile LCD capacity will increase tenfold

Thanks to a new display manufacturing facility that Samsung will be opening up soon, Samsung will go from making 3 million mobile phone screens a month to 30 million.

HTC swaps AMOLED for super LCD display

HTC will be equipping a number of its newly manufactured handsets - including the Desire and global Nexus One - with Super LCD display (SLCD) technology.

Is this AMOLED display manufactured out of Kryptonite?

Samsung has reportedly designed an "indestructible" AMOLED display capable of withstanding the wrath of a swinging hammer.

AMOLED shortage threatens Android supply lines

An AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) shortage is threatening to "slow" the Android-Allied offensive against Apple's iPhone and its entrenched AMLCD technology.