AMD bolsters professional graphics portfolio with next-gen FirePro cards

AMD has bolstered its professional graphics portfolio with the FirePro V5900 and V7900.

Apple rolls out new iMac lineup

Apple has refreshed its iMac lineup with Intel quad-core (i5/i7) processors, advanced AMD graphics, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology and a new FaceTime HD camera.

AMD launches next-gen embedded GPU

AMD has introduced a next-gen embedded discrete graphics processor capable of driving six independent displays.

AMD: x86 APUs ready to take on tablet market

AMD says its x86-powered APUs (accelerated processing units) are ready to compete in the lucrative tablet market - a space which is currently dominated by RISC-based ARM processors.

AMD courts ARM at Fusion dev summit

AMD has announced the initial lineup for its (first) June 2011 Fusion Developer Summit in Bellevue, Washington.

For AMD, the tablet game is all about timing

Yes, AMD is finally getting serious about tablets. And why not?

AMD powers a new generation of OS X gaming

Apple's new 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro laptops are powered by AMD Radeon HD 6490M and 6750M graphics. According to AMD's Stanley Ossias, MacBook Pro owners can now game "pretty much anywhere," as the laptops are capable of rendering intense visual detail and delivering unprecedented frame rates.

The AMD Valentine’s Day Gift for Intel, or how I almost got divorced

So I’m sitting minding my business today when the following note is hand delivered to my wife with a cup of chocolates: Dear Rob, I heard that Sandy B broke your heart and wanted to let you know that I’m here for you. Oh, and I have a cousin from Llana Texas I’d like to introduce you to soon - I think you two will really hit it off!

No, AMD did not drop the 3D gaming ball

No one can dispute the fact that Nvidia spent an immense amount of time and money developing a viable 3D ecosystem. However, the rapidly evolving standard has yet to be adopted by the majority of mainstream or core gamers.

AMD deploys G-Series APU in battle over embedded market

AMD has deployed its G-Series APU in an effort to seriously challenge Intel for a viable chunk of the embedded systems market.

Can ARM help AMD win the mobile game?

AMD is poised to launch an exploratory tablet campaign based on its next-gen "Bobcat" architecture.

AMD reshuffles corporate deck as CEO Dirk Meyer resigns

AMD is reshuffling its corporate deck following the abrupt resignation of CEO Dirk Meyer.

AMD fires up its Fusion APUs

AMD has launched its first generation of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs).

AMD at CES: The ATI gamble pays off

Over the last several weeks I’ve been briefed on what most of the PC manufacturers are bringing to the Consumer Electronics show and a surprising amount of laptops are based on AMD Fusion.  

Chip Wars: Mortal combat or stalemate?

The bloody Chip War of Attrition between Intel and AMD appears to have entered a new phase: stalemate. 

AMD shifts DX11 gaming into overdrive with Radeon 6900 lineup

AMD has debuted its Radeon 6900 GPU lineup for enthusiast gamers. 

The new graphics cards boast enhanced second-gen DX11 architecture and are capable of dynamically adjusting power draw on the fly.

HDMI killed the analog star

A number of industry heavyweights - including Intel, AMD, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and LG - have agreed to significantly accelerate the adoption of DisplayPort and HDMI interfaces.

How do you measure graphics horsepower?

You know, when we’re testing graphics add-in boards (AIBs) we and others usually mention how the AIB has the horsepower to run games at high frames and high resolution.

AMD targets lucrative tablet market

AMD has confirmed that it is prepping at least one APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) for entry into the lucrative tablet market.

AMD's Radeon 6800 catapults DX11 gaming to new levels of realism

AMD has introduced its long-awaited Radeon HD 6800 series which promises to catapult PC gaming to new levels of realism.