Intel talks Ivy Bridge benchmarks

Intel's annual developer forum officially kicks off tomorrow, but Santa Clara has already begun talking up its next-gen Ivy Bridge chipset.

AMD hedges its ARM bets

ARM currently dominates the lucrative smartphone and tablet markets with its low power sipping RISC chips. But AMD Chief Technology Officer Charles Moore says he believes there is "room for both" x86 and RISC architecture in the mobile space.

AMD rolls out first Bulldozer processors

AMD is currently shipping its first server processors based on x86 "Bulldozer" architecture.

AMD has a new CEO

Not to be outdone by Apple, AMD has finally named a new CEO, allowing interim Chief Executive Officer Thomas Seifert to return to his role as senior VP and CFO.

AMD refreshes APU lineup

AMD has updated its C-and E-series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) lineup for notebooks, netbooks, all-in-one systems and desktop PCs.

What is AMD’s new secret weapon?

I recently shared a panel with AMD’s IT team at CIO 100. After leaving the event, I realized AMD's IT organization may very well be the company's secret weapon.  

ARM RISC chips to erode x86 market share

A prominent industry analyst has confirmed that ARM's RISC-based chips remain on track to claim a sizable chunk of the lucrative notebook PC market by 2015.

Why AMD's APU hasn't fallen flat

JMP Securities chip analyst Alex Gauna believes AMD's recently launched APUs have "fallen flat."

Report: AMD prepping two new tablet chips

A leaked slide seems to indicate that AMD is prepping two tablet-optimized APUs which could launch in 2012 and 2013.

The future of Fusion and Llano

Silicon Valley chip expert David Kanter says AMD has "clearly articulated" both a software and hardware roadmap for unified CPU-GPU computing that contains "all the right pieces."  

Analysis: The death of BapCo and SYSmark

The recent pull out of AMD from BapCo and SYSmark certainly has a lot of drama associated with it.

Are AMD and ARM joining forces?

A new report by tech guru Charlie Demerjian suggests that AMD and ARM may be teaming up to design a common on-chip interface and interconnect.

Analyst: Swap into AMD shares and out of Intel

A prominent financial analyst is advising investors to swap into AMD shares and out of Intel.

AMD offers $50,000 in prizes for OpenCL contest

AMD is kicking off an OpenCL coding competition for devs. The contest - managed in conjunction with TopCoder - challenges software engineers to code apps that take advantage of both OpenCL and APU architecture.

AMD's Llano - finally, vindication!

AMD launched its landmark and long-awaited Llano processor this week in Bellevue, Washington. In many ways, Llano represents vindication for a strategy than many doubted - but was clearly AMD’s biggest chance to get out from under Intel’s dominance.

AMD showcases Trinity at Fusion Developer Summit

AMD showcased its upcoming Trinity APU today at the first annual Fusion Developer Summit in Bellevue, Washington.

AMD kicks off APU summit with A-Series launch

AMD has kicked off its Fusion Developer Summit in Bellevue, Washington with the formal launch of its next-gen A-Series APU, previously codenamed "Llano."

AMD is taking OpenCL FTW

AMD has announced a set of software development tools that will enable engineers to more easily optimize apps for OpenCL standards.

AMD targets Windows tablet market with Desna

AMD is targeting the potentially lucrative Windows tablet market with a new Z series Fusion APU. 

Cray launches hybrid supercomputing system

Cray has introduced a hybrid supercomputing system that features key components from both AMD and Nvidia.