AMD's APU drives this GizmoSphere

AMD's x86 G-series APU is the brains behind the GizmoSphere, a low-cost board targeted at developers and modders.

AMD is ready for the post-PC era

AMD is moving beyond - although obviously not abandoning - the stalwart PC in an effort to bolster revenue in a computer market that is increasingly focused on smartphones and tablets.

Why the PC and X86 vendors are missing the big desktop PC opportunity

One of the biggest textbook mistakes IBM ever made was agreeing with Sun that the mainframe was dead - allegedly to be replaced by PCs and client server computing.

A closer look at the PS4 (Orbis) and Xbox 720 (Next)

Both the next-gen Playstation (Orbis) and the Xbox 720 (Next) are reportedly equipped with 8-core CPUs clocked at 1.6GHz.

AMD’s accidental future home vision

Last week at CES there was one presentation that prompted me to think more about the future than any other exhibit - but not exactly in the way the vendor originally intended.   

Former AMD execs accused of stealing trade secrets

AMD has accused four former employees of stealing 100,000 confidential documents before jumping ship to work for Nvidia.

AMD showcases Temash-powered mobile prototype

AMD has been struggling to compete against Intel in the traditional PC market and rivals such as ARM in the mobile device space.

AMD previews 2013 APU lineup

AMD detailed its upcoming 2013 APU lineup at CES in Las Vegas, while offering an early look at at its Temash (Windows 8 tablets and hybrids) and Kabini (ultrathin notebooks) SoCs.

AMD scales back on chip orders

Advanced Micro Device (AMD) has confirmed that it will be scaling back on chip orders from GlobalFoundries in 2013 to conserve cash as the company struggles to deal with a contracting personal computer market.

Microsoft wants yet more Surface tablets

Lackluster demand may have prompted Microsoft to significantly slash orders of its Surface RT tablet, but that hasn't stopped Redmond from planning additional mobile hardware.

Sapphire's Edge VS8 mini powered by AMD's Trinity processor

Sapphire has rolled out a new small form factor desktop computer dubbed the Edge VS8.

AMD's C-70 chip powers Foxconn's AT-5570

Foxconn rolls its own uber-mini HTPC.

Report: Sony's PS4 Orbis powered by AMD's A10 APU

Sony is reportedly shipping a new PlayStation 4 (Orbis) kit to game devs, with the final iteration slated to appear in January. 

AMD adopts ARM architecture to supplement x86 chips

AMD has confirmed that it will be designing 64-bit ARM-powered chips in addition to x86 processors for multiple markets - starting with cloud and data center servers.

AMD's Hondo APU powers new Fujitsu Windows 8 tablet

Fujitsu has introduced its Stylistic Q572 Windows 8 tablet which is powered by AMD's Z-60 (x86 Hondo) APU.

Apple eyes 20 nm quad-core chips for next-gen iPad

A prominent industry analyst reports that Apple is working with Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC to design 20nm quad-core chips for use in future iOS devices.

Windows 8 - damn impressive on an AMD homebuilt PC

This past weekend I built myself a new Windows 8 desktop computer and loaded up Microsoft's Office 13 preview.

AMD debuts tablet-friendly Z-60 APU

AMD has officially debuted its Z-60 (Hondo) Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), an x86 chip designed specifically for small form factor PCs and tablets as thin as 10mm.

AMD's Trinity APU overclocked to 7.3GHz

AMD's Trinity APU (A10-5800K) has been overclocked to 5.1GHz with air cooling - and beyond 7.3GHz using liquid nitrogen. 

Asus 'board rocks AMD C-60 dual-core CPU

There has been a huge surge of DIY mini PCs hitting the market lately.