Amazon signs streaming pact with 20th Century Fox

Your favorite Fox TV shows along with a wide library of 20th Century Fox feature films are coming to Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Internet giants have carbon emission issues

What do Amazon, Netflix, Google and Facebook have in common? 

Report: Amazon to unveil tablet on Sept. 28

Amazon is expected to unveil its new Android-powered tablet on Wednesday, September 28, at an event in New York City.

Kindle library lending program kicks off

Amazon has just launched a new initiative that will allow Kindle owners to "check out" e-books from library websites.

Apple isn't rushing to launch the iPad 3

Although Apple already has a number of third-gen iPads circulating in its supply chain, Cupertino is in little rush to launch the latest iteration of its wildly popular tablet.

US retailers list PS Vita date as Dec 31

 Amazon and Gamestop have both listed Sony's upcoming Playstation Vita handheld as having a launch date of December 31.

Amazon reportedly working on 'Netflix for books'

Amazon is apparently set to launch a new service that will give users access to a massive collection of e-books for a flat monthly fee.

Amazon 'lockers' reportedly set to activate this week

Amazon is apparently set to launch a new program aimed at people who don't have a way to accept their packages on a normal business day.

Analysis: Amazon tablet could sell 5 million units

Amazon could be the biggest threat the iPad has seen yet, with the online retailer expected to launch its own tablet later this year.

Can Amazon disrupt the tablet market?

Analysts at Forrester Research believe an Amazon tablet will be capable of disrupting the lucrative iPad-dominated market. 

Huge river found flowing beneath the Amazon

An enormous underground river has been reported flowing thousands of feet below the Amazon.

Amazon wants the government in its cloud

Amazon is now offering cloud-based services to the U.S. government.

On Amazon CEO's curious 'airbag phone' patent

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has personally attached his name to a most intriguing patent for a phone that has a half dozen tiny airbags.

Apple accused of e-book price fixing

Apple, along with a number of book publishers, has been accused of illegally fixing prices, forcing Amazon to scrap discount programs.

Amazon unveils new 'Cloud Reader' Kindle service

Users can now read their digitally downloaded books from any Chrome or Safari browser, without the need to install a special app or software program.

Dems want to collect online sales tax

A bill recently proposed by Democrats in Congress would require online businesses to impose federal taxes on all online purchases.

Amazon Appstore hits Apple snag in Germany

The Amazon Appstore is currently off limits to mobile developers in Germany.

Amazon goes FTW with Universal deal

Netflix may have annoyed thousands by raising its rates, but Amazon just clinched a lucrative deal that will allow customers to stream a number of movies from Universal Pictures.

Surprising report reveals Android's 30% tablet share

Just one year after we were talking about numbers like Apple's ~95% monopoly in the tablet race, Android has managed to take a huge bite out of the lucrative market.

Kindle offers textbook rentals

Amazon has just unleashed a big bundle of joy to college students - a cheaper way to get textbooks.