Amazon tries out in-app payments

Amazon is reportedly entering a market currently dominated by Google and Apple.

Amazon founder locates lost moon mission engines

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says he's found the five engines from the Apollo 11 spacecraft, deep beneath the Atlantic, and plans to bring at least one to the surface.

Video: Dual booting the Kindle Fire

An XDA-Dev member has managed to mod the FireFireFire Extended Bootloader so that it can be used to dual-boot Amazon's popular Kindle Fire tablet. 

Yes, tablet screen size really does matter

Apple currently dominates the lucrative tablet market with its wildly popular lineup of 9.7-inch iPads, and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Amazon Appstore turns 1, offers discounts

Amazon's alternative to the Android Market is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

Amazon adds 3,000 Prime Instant Videos

Amazon has just secured another content partner for its Netflix-rivaling streaming video service.

Google eyes Asus in tablet tie-up

Mountain View is reportedly partnering with Asus to manufacture a 7-inch Google-branded tablet that could hit store shelves by May 2012.

Report: Amazon prepping two new Kindle Fire tablets

Amazon is reportedly preparing to launch two new tablet PCs during the second half of 2012.

Twitter updates mobile apps, goes to Kindle Fire

Twitter has just rolled out updates to its official mobile apps, and as part of the process has released a Kindle Fire-optimized version of its Android app.

Barnes and Noble declares eBook price war

Today, Barnes and Noble declared a price war against Amazon's Kindle Fire by substantially reducing the price of the Nook Color, along with their lineup of enhanced 8 and 16GB Nook tablets. 

$199 Nook Tablet jumps into the line of Fire

Barnes & Noble has officially unveiled a new version of its flagship Android tablet, with a price point exactly the same as Amazon's Kindle Fire.

For devs, Amazon Appstore better than Android Market

For many developers, releasing Android apps on Amazon is leading to greater results than releasing the same app through the official Android Market.

What's next for Amazon's Kindle Fire?

Amazon's wildly popular $200 Kindle Fire tablet is getting about as much traction as the original iPad.

Amazon not considering streaming-only service

Even though Amazon's Prime Instant Video Service has enough legs to stand up against Netflix, the company has no plans to separate it as an individual service.

Report: Google working on a Dropbox killer

Of all the big trends in cyber space, there's one that Google has been notably left out of - cloud storage.

Amazon expands streaming video offering

When it comes to online video streaming, Amazon is still trying to remind everyone that it's in the race too.

54% of Kindle Fire owners like their tablet

Amazon has had both praise and damnation heaped on its popular Kindle Fire tablet since the device launched in November 2011.

Amazon Kindle Fire hits 6 million unit sales

The Kindle Fire is getting about as much traction as the original iPad did.

Expose reveals Amazon review bribery

How far would some sellers go to get a lucrative five-star review on

Is Amazon's Kindle Fire cutting Google out of the loop?

When Google initially offered its Android OS for "free," I wonder if Mountain View ever envisioned the sort of ecosystem that exists today.