41-megapixel Pureview phone heading to US, via Amazon

Someone in the US has decided to breathe life to Nokia's Pureview.

Report: Amazon eyes $149 Kindle Fire

Amazon's Kindle Fire boasts a sweet $199 price point and is currently one of the most popular Android tablets on the market.

New TLDs: who applied for what

ICANN has revealed the applications for new top-level domains (TLDs) - covering everything from .app to .pizza.

Amazon Cloud Player finally comes to iPhone

After being made natively available for Android from day one, Amazon's streaming music service is now available for the rival mobile platform.

Report: Amazon's Kindle Fire fizzles

"A pattern similar to smartphones is also occurring in tablets, with Apple and Samsung demonstrating staying power while other tablet vendors ebb and flow like the tide."

Amazon Appstore lets users take Android apps for a test drive

You can now test out more than 5,000 Android apps before you decide to hit the purchase button.

Amazon prepping new Kindle tablet, e-reader

Amazon is reportedly preparing to launch a new Kindle e-reader with front lighting, alongside an upgraded Fire tablet.

Rumor: Apple iPad mini to launch in October

A new report claims Apple is preparing to launch an 8GB iPad "mini" this October for less than $250.

Harry Potter eBooks headed to Kindle lending library

The Kindle Fire is truly a sweet device for genre fans like myself who just can't seem to get enough science fiction and fantasy.

Will tablets ever be more popular than notebooks?

Tablet sales may very well outpace notebook PC shipments by 2016, at least according to analysts at NPD DisplaySearch.

Apple reasserts tablet dominance at Android's expense

IDC has confirmed a "steep drop" in shipments of Android-based tablets as Apple continues to dominate the lucrative market with its wildly popular iPad.

Amazon wants original sitcoms - any ideas?

Amazon's announced that it's to start making its own sitcoms and children's shows - and it's looking to you and me for ideas.

Target to stop selling Kindles

Target is to pull the plug on Amazon's Kindle in all its outlets, and has already removed them from its online store.

Kindle Fire: the runaway Android tablet success

It's possible that as many as half of the Android tablets that people are using today are Kindle Fires.

How to beat the stock market: read online reviews

When you give a product a bad review on Amazon, you're not just influencing other shoppers - you're driving the manufacturer's stock price down too.

Apple in-app purchases to come under legal spotlight

A group of American parents has received permission from a judge to sue Apple over their children's in-app purchases.

This wind turbine is made out of Lego

Lego is going green with its toys with a 13-inch tall, three-bladed, fully articulated wind turbine that both turns and pivots.

Amazon adds used CDs to trade-in program for store credit

The great debate on whether physical media is dead in the music industry rages on, as Apple's iTunes continues to put a huge dent in the physical CD and traditional music sales market.

Amazon in-app payment platform matures

Confirming earlier reports, Amazon is entering the market of in-app payments.

PS3 adds Amazon Instant Video app

Amazon is bringing another TV-connected device to its instant streaming service.