Amazon offers WikiLeaks refuge in the Cloud

The controversial WikiLeaks website has shifted data to cloud-based servers hosted by Amazon.

Black Friday online hits $648 million

Everyone thinks of Black Friday as the day where hundreds of people line up outside Walmart and Best Buy, but it was the people sitting comfortably in their heated home that saw the highest amount of growth for the shopping holiday. It's a sign that leads to what could be a cataclysmic level of sales for today, the most prolific online shopping day of the year.

Amazon app makes you take a second look for holiday shopping

When you're at the mall and you see that "whoa, that's cool" gift, stop for a minute. Could you get it cheaper online? That's the kind of point-of-purchase question wants you to be asking, and it's why the online retailer has just launched a new iPhone app.

Amazon pulls pro-pedophilia book after outcry

Amazon's finally pulled an ebook from sale after thousands of consumers protested that it was legitimizing pedophilia.

Kindle app confirmed for Windows Phone 7

After making waves on virtually every other smartphone platform out there, Amazon has created a Kindle app that will be available with the launch of Windows Phone 7 in the US in November.

Amazon's Kindle has its best quarter ever

You might think that with the Nook, iPad, and Kobo biting at its heels, sales of the Kindle would have gone way down compared to when it was the only player in the market. But that's not the case.

Amazon to let Kindle users lend e-books

Amazon's moved to improve the competitiveness of its Kindle e-reader by allowing users to lend their books to friends.

Amazon and Facebook help launch venture fund

A new $250 million venture capital fund supported by Amazon, Facebook, Zynga, Comcast and Liberty Media is looking for social networking startups to support.

Boxee Box gets November 10 shipping date

After months of anticipation, open source media developer Boxee has confirmed a November 10 release date for the Boxee Box by D-Link. It will ship to customers who pre-order the Box via Amazon in the United States or Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada.

Android apps to go on sale through

In an attempt to strike up more interest in the Android platform not just for consumers but for developers as well, Amazon has announced it will begin selling Android apps from its trusted and well-known online storefront.

Amazon begins selling iPad

Amazon has now officially begun selling the iPad, one of its fiercest rivals in the portable media market, in a move that represents just how powerful each side has in its core business.

Amazon launches Web-based e-book preview service

Amazon's family of Kindle services just had a baby, Amazon Kindle for the Web. It's a service that runs in any Web browser and allows users to preview e-books before they buy them.

Amazon pumps out Kindle Android app update

Amazon has rolled out the latest version of its Kindle software for Android phones, as the continuously changing platform gets more fragmented across different devices.

Report: Cybercriminals create 57,000 malware sites per week

Frenetic cybercriminals are reportedly creating 57,000 malware-based websites per week to exploit high-profile brand names.

Kindle getting retail Best Buy presence

In a move that could ignite a fire back under Amazon's e-reader brand, the Kindle is heading to Best Buy brick-and-mortar locations as well as the electronics retailer's online store in time for the holiday shopping season.

Watch out, Netflix! Amazon planning subscription video service

Amazon has reportedly been aggressively talking to Time Warner, Viacom, NBC Universal, and others to start building up a new online video service that would be the only firm competitor to Netflix's instant streaming program.

RIM clarifies $99 Torch price point

The cost of a single BlackBerry Torch may total $171.05, but Amazon is currently offering the smartphone at a sweet $99 price point.

Blackberry Torch price slashed in half in less than a week

Despite a large media campaign and lofty marketing speak that suggested Blackberry's Torch phone was going to revolutionize the world, deep discounts are already hitting the brand new Blackberry.

Amazon might be working on another device, not a Kindle

After enjoying a couple years of nearly unlimited success with the Kindle, Amazon is reportedly in the planning stage to bring out another product that it will internally develop and manufacture.

Half of e-book readers no longer like print books

Some interesting new statistics have come out from a survey of e-book readers, showing that the market remains mainly a novelty and a popular gift choice, and Amazon holds a substantial lead over everyone else.