Amazon Appstore opens, Apple sues

Amazon's opened its Android Appstore mobile software development program - but its not just the birds that are angry. Apple's reported to have decided that the name is just too similar to its own App Store and issued a formal trademark complaint.

Retailers tell Amazon to start charging tax

When it comes to shopping online, many consumers head immediately to sites that don't charge sales tax, which isn't sitting well with retailers that have to charge tax.

Amazon accidentally offers Android Market sneak peek

Yes, Rovio's new Angry Birds game will be sold on Amazon's long-awaited digital app storefront. But what does the Market actually look like? 

And how does it differ from Google's official Android Market?

New Angry Birds will be sold on Amazon, not Android Market

A new Angry Birds game is on the way, but don't bother looking for it in the Android Market. Developer Rovio will only be releasing it through Amazon's new digital app storefront.

Report: Amazon prepping Android app market

The world’s largest online retailer,, is reportedly planning to launch an app market that will sell Android-based software.

Kindle coming to AT&T Stores

AT&T will begin selling 3G versions of Amazon's Kindle e-reader in March, in hopes of attracting more people to the wireless connectivity it offers on the device.

Cataclysm alert: Amazon launches Netflix-like streaming

Amazon has just launched a new video service that allows users to stream as many movies or TV shows as they want, in what is the most credible threat yet to Netflix's absolute domination in this market.

Amazon adding "real page numbers" to Kindle books

So if you're that person who belongs to a book club and insists on using an e-reader, you may find yourself lost when people ask you to turn to page 112. Most e-books don't offer the same page numbers as the print version of the book, but Amazon is changing that.

2010 drought could presage end of Amazon carbon sink

Two 'once-in-a-century' droughts have hit the Amazon rainforest in just five years, scientists say, removing the region's ability to act as a carbon sink.

Move over Netflix, Amazon is coming!

It seems as if Amazon may be gearing up to challenge Netflix by offering a premium online movie streaming platform loaded with a substantial amount of content.

E-books outsell paperbacks on

We’ve all heard rumors about the day when digital book purchases will surpass that of regular books.

LivingSocial sells $20m in discounted Amazon cards

In the span of less than 24 hours, more than $26 million has been snatched up in gift cards, courtesy of a leading online coupon destination.

Cloud powers quick and dirty WPA-PSK hack

A security researcher claims to have coded a quick and dirty WPA-PSK hack that exploits the processing power of Amazon’s Cloud computing infrastructure to break into wireless networks.

Amazon patents gift exchange system

Amazon's been given a patent for an automated system allowing customers to exchange unwanted gifts before they've even shipped.

Kindle becomes Amazon's best-selling item ever

The latest version of Amazon's e-reading device is by all accounts a runaway success. Thanks to the holiday shopping boost it just received, it has become the online retailers highest-selling product of all time.

2010 Kindle sales will reach 8 million: analyst

Did you buy a Kindle for someone this holiday season? Chances are many more of you will answer "yes" to this question than if we had posed it last year. A whole bunch probably also bought one for themselves this year, as Amazon says 2010 will see the highest Kindle sales yet, by far.

Kindle case causes device to crash

It's hard to think that a leather case could cause malfunctions to an electronic device, but that's exactly what is happening to some people who purchases Amazon's official Kindle case.

Amazon outage down to hardware failure, not DDoS

Amazon's European websites were down for a short period yesterday, in what the company says was a hardware failure in its European data center.

Fake receipts target Amazon retailers

Fraudsters have been circulating a piece of software that generates fake Amazon receipts, allowing fraudsters to scam Amazon retailers.

Amazon terminates WikiLeaks

Amazon has apparently terminated a Cloud-based server account hosting the controversial WikiLeaks website.