Amazon Cloud Player comes to iOS

Amazon's music streaming service is now available for the iPhone and iPad.

Asus attempts to explain Transformer shortage

A Taiwanese-based Asus rep has attempted to explain why Android enthusiasts are having such a difficult time purchasing the elusive Transformer tablet.

Quanta already getting Amazon Android tablet orders

Amazon is pushing forward to get its own Android-powered tablet device.

Will Apple's music cloud be free?

Apple could allow users to access certain aspects of its cloud music streaming service for free  - at least initially.

Will Apple's music cloud be free?

Apple could allow users to access certain aspects of its cloud music streaming service for free  - at least initially.

Amazon officially responds to Apple "App Store" lawsuit

Amazon calls for immediate dismissal of frivolous suit over its "Amazon App Store" name.

The world's most expensive book? A 1992 volume on flies

Late last year, the world's most expensive book - a beautifully-preserved copy of John James Audubon's Birds of America - sold at Sotheby's for £7.3 million, or around $10 million.

Amazon lets you get a Verizon Thunderbolt for $130

Limited-time sale makes 4G LTE more affordable than ever.

Amazon cloud outage takes down Reddit and Quora

A failure affecting Amazon's EC2 service in northern Virginia has downed a number of prominent sites, including Reddit and Quora.

Amazon eyes Kindle lending library

Amazon has announced a sweet new feature for its e-reader.

Amazon offers ad-supported Kindle for $114

If you don't mind being blasted with ads every now and then, Amazon has a Kindle deal you can't refuse.

Amazon eyes NFC mobile payments, one of the most recognizable names in e-commerce, is considering introducing NFC payments that would allow customers to purchase Amazon goods in real-life stores.

Analysis: Is Amazon evil for not wanting to pay taxes for online sales?

Whose responsibility is it to fix state budget crises? Is it Amazon’s?   

Security researchers go shopping for free

Security researchers at Microsoft Research and Indiana University say they've been able to get products for free or well below the correct price from several major online stores.

Amazon cloud-based music services face backlash from music industry

Only days after its announcement, the Amazon Cloud Drive, a service which allows customers to access and listen to music across devices, is already receiving negative feedback.

Amazon forest becoming less green

Satellite data is revealing an Amazon rainforest that's decidedly less green than usual, showing the catastrophic effects of last year's record-breaking drought.

Amazon opens cloud-based music storage service

Having to keep track of MP3 files can be a total nuisance. But Amazon is looking to change that.

Amazon flirts with Apple iOS devs

It seems as if Amazon is "actively enticing" Apple iOS devs to port certain educational apps to the company’s popular Kindle platform.

Amazon Appstore lets users preview Android apps

Adding to the many features that make Amazon's Appstore better than the Android Market, the platform lets users preview apps before they buy them.

AT&T to play nice with Amazon's Android Appstore

Amazon's Appstore platform launched this week, giving Android users an easier and more convenient way to search for, pay for, and download apps.