Report: Amazon prepping tablet for pre-October launch

Amazon is reportedly prepping a tablet that could launch sometime before October.

AT&T sponsored Amazon Kindle 3G priced at $139

Amazon is launching an ad-supported version of its popular Kindle 3G on the AT&T network for a flat fee of $139.

Amazon offers unlimited cloud music storage

In a world where 'unlimited' is starting to fall out of favor, Amazon is offering a refreshing deal.

Apple faces another loss in 'App Store' suit

Amazon is allowed to continue using the term "Appstore" for its third-party online outlet for Android apps.

Amazon scraps affiliate program in California as new sales tax is passed

Amazon's terminated its associates program in California in an attempt to prevent a new sales tax there - an attempt which failed, as the bill was signed into law just hours later.

Judge already skeptical of Apple's "App Store" case

Apple is not off to a good start in its trademark case against Amazon.

Best Buy preps own cloud music service

Best Buy is set to launch its own cloud-based music playing and storage service.

Amazon may be launching own tablet in August

The #1 online retailer wants to expand its internal product offerings.

LG Optimus 3D phone will soon be a reality

Just as the world prepares for HTC's glasses-free 3D phone, LG is ready to release its one as well.

Preorders propel Jobs biography to best-seller list

In 1989, a copy of the so-called Hebrew Bible sold for over two and a half million dollars - and that wasn't even authorized by Jesus.

Amazon rolls out local deals microsite

Watch out Groupon, move over Facebook Deals, mega retailer is now in line for a piece of the daily deals pie with the (quiet) launch of AmazonLocal.

Analysis: Amazon’s tax battle with California

Whether you choose to admit it or not, America is stuck in a dangerous economic loop. That’s why Amazon’s tax battles with states like California are so important.

Amazon squares up to Apple again with Mac Download Store

Amazon has launched a Mac-only section of its app store, in competition with Apple's five-month-old Mac App Store.

Amazon intros ad-supported low-cost 3G Kindle

Following announcements related to the Nook and Kobo, Amazon has some Kindle news to share.

E-book sales have overtaken print, says Amazon

Amazon says that, for the first time, it's now selling more Kindle books than print books.

AT&T customers can finally use Amazon's Appstore

AT&T has finally removed the shackles that prevented its customers from using the Amazon Appstore.

Report: Amazon prepping Kal-El powered tablet

Amazon is reportedly prepping a high-end tablet - dubbed "Hollywood" - that will be powered by Nvidia's upcoming Kal-El quad-core processor.

Jeff Bezos on Amazon tablet: "stay tuned"

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has poured a lot of fuel to the fire this week in the growing rumors that the online retailer is planning a feature-rich tablet device.

Google takes on Apple with music and movie rentals

Live from the Google IO conference, the company has officially embarked on a new frontier in entertainment, launching movie rentals in the Android Marketplace and the long anticipated Google Music. 

Google to unveil cloud-based music service

Later today, Google is expected to launch its long-awaited digital music service, pitting it head to head with Amazon, which launched its own cloud-based music service in March.