Amazon wants biospheres in downtown Seattle

Of all the science-fiction tropes from late-20th-century pop-culture, perhaps none is as strong as the eternally futuristic rounded glass dome built to protect Earth’s fragile species.

Apple suffers legal setback

It is starting to look like Apple's defense of its antitrust antics in the ebook trade is doomed even before it starts.

Microsoft founder cuts a waxing

No one can say that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has not done a lot with his life. He has been a philanthropist, inventor, investor, cancer survivor and author.

Rich people buy online more than poor

Although there are thousands of penny pinching price comparison sites out there, it seems online shopping is pretty big among affluent consumers who really don’t need to save at all.

Don't be bullied by the Google monster

Opinion Does being the Jack of all Trades and the master of none apply to Google? I fear so. Having oodles of cash has tempted Google into all manner of strange ventures but it’s pretty clear that some of its wacky ideas are way off kilter.

French to tax smartphones and tablets

The French government is seriously considering a new tax on smartphones and tablets. The one percent tax would be imposed on a range of “internet compatible devices” and it could yield about 86 million euro per year. 

Amazon virtual coins go live for the Kindle Fire

Amazon has confirmed that its newly minted virtual currency can be used to purchase apps, games and in-app items in the corporation's curated Appstore, as well as on the Kindle Fire tablet lineup.

Android starts to hog the tablet space

Worldwide tablet sales continued to surge, growing 142.4 percent in the first quarter of 2013.

Amazon goes slower

Amazon's revenues slowed in the first quarter as the world's largest Internet retail struggled overseas.

Report: Amazon prepping TV set-top box

Amazon is reportedly prepping a TV set-top box designed to stream to video and presumably run Android apps from the company's curated storefront.

Next Apple iPad to start production this summer

Taiwanese original design manufacturer (ODM) is one of three or four companies that put together notebooks and now tablets for multinationals.

Amazon smartphone rumours re-emerge

Rumours that online bookseller Amazon might be developing its own smartphone gathered momentum after it announced that it had hired a a 20-year Microsoft veteran who most recently worked in its Windows Phone unit.

Clouds leak Amazon torrents of data

The security on Amazon's cloud has come under question after it was revealed that customers have accidentally revealed confidential information including sales records and source code.

Windows RT prices slump

Prices of Windows RT devices have started falling and according to Techworld it is because suppliers are trying desperately to ditch them.

eBay shares soar on back of bullish manifesto

eBay has driven up its share value after making bold forecasting claims. In its forecast of annual earnings the net giant said it would push for an earnings growth  of 15 percent to 19 percent over the next three years.

Amazon's Zombieland is already cast

Amazon's upcoming Zombieland TV series has secured a pilot episode and most likely an entire season of the post-apocalyptic zombie series. And yes, Zombieland already has a cast.

Amazon says no to a $99 Kindle Fire HD

Amazon has refuted reports that it will introduce a new Kindle Fire HD at an ultra-low price point of $99.

Amazon's domain name applications 'monopolistic', say publishers

Book publishers are uniting to oppose Amazon's application for dozens of new top-level internet domain names, including .book, .read and .author.

Psst... wanna used iTunes collection?

Apple is at least considering a system to allow customers to sell or lend their iTunes content.

How gaming could help cure cancer

Amazon, Facebook and Google have teamed up with Cancer Research UK to design and develop a mobile game to accelerate cures for cancer.