Amazon's Christmas gift to you: streaming STB. Maybe. Not quite sure, yet.

It's code-named "Cinnamon," and it has no release date or intended price however, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos likes to keep his hardware costs down. In that regard, we can expect him to enter into the fray against Apple TV at $99 and Roku at $50. I'll throw in Chromecast at $35 because, I like it better than the set-top box (STB) stuff.

Amazon rolls out monthly Prime subscriptions

Amazon has quietly offered its Prime service for quite some time now.

Amazon expands video stream deal with NBC

Hundreds of new TV episodes are making their way to Amazon's Prime Instant Video platform.

Amazon Prime Instant Video adds ESPN content

ESPN has become the latest content provider to join Amazon's Netflix-like streaming service.

Amazon Instant Video comes to iPad

After proving its tablet viability on the Kindle Fire, Amazon is now ready to target its streaming video service to a very different mobile audience.

Amazon not considering streaming-only service

Even though Amazon's Prime Instant Video Service has enough legs to stand up against Netflix, the company has no plans to separate it as an individual service.

Amazon expands streaming video offering

When it comes to online video streaming, Amazon is still trying to remind everyone that it's in the race too.

Google mulls Amazon Prime-like service

As a fellow online powerhouse, Amazon is a natural target for Google, and now the search giant is trying to take on Amazon in its home turf.