Where did Alphas go wrong?

Alphas won’t be back for a third season.

Review: The memories of Alphas

The second season of Alphas managed to significantly ramp up the drama without losing its cerebral, sci-fi nature.

The splits of Alphas

The new season of Alphas is off to a strong start.

Alphas season 2 trailer lives among us

Syfy has released a trailer for the upcoming season of its super hero drama, Alphas.

The dynamics of Alphas

The first season of Syfy’s most popular show has come to an end with a remarkable cliffhanger.

The ricochets of Alphas

We're quickly approaching the end of the first season of Alphas, and the show has not yet disappointed.

Alphas will be sticking around on Syfy

Syfy will be filming another season of Alphas, with 13 episodes slated to air over the summer in 2012.

The heroes of Alphas

Alphas is actually exceeding expectations.

The powers and people of Alphas

This week marked the premier of Syfy’s newest serial, Alphas. It has the usual pilot kinks, which need to be worked out, but definitely boasts the makings of a great story at its core.

Trailer and cast interviews video released for Alphas

SyFy recently debuted an informative trailer for its best looking new show Alphas, which looks like a cross between Leverage and the graphic novel series Powers.