Almost Human is a DVR Winner

A week ago Almost Human debuted, and it got good reviews, as well as pretty strong ratings. And like a lot of shows these days, Almost Human has gotten a nice boost from DVR ratings. 

Almost Human Debuts Well

Okay, so Almost Human may not be the most original idea for a sci-fi show, but it’s gotten pretty good reviews, and it looks like it’s gotten off to a pretty good start in the ratings. It wasn’t able to beat out major league football, like Walking Dead finally did, but again, it still did pretty well.

Almost Human Is Almost Here

Almost Human is one of about 3,000 TV shows and movies JJ Abrams has in development. Okay, so the guy’s going to be very busy with Star Wars for the next year and a half, but he can still keep a lot of irons in the fire as a producer. 

Almost Human looks like it has Robocop beat

Fox is promoting its Fall sci-fi actioner, Almost Human, in this video feature. And, guess what? It looks like robot cops on television are going to beat Robocops on the movie screen, judging by a comparison of clips available. It is a J.J. Abrams production so you can expect a lot of lens flare but try not to let that put you off. Almost Human looks like must see TV.