Edge of Tomorrow: The Sci-Fi Groundhog Day?

We at TGD love time travel stories, and it’s always fascinating to think how you could alter your life, and the destinies of many others, if you go back in the past and start making changes. But what about a Groundhog Day style concept where you go over the past over and over again, but here it’s in the sci-fi mode?

Dystopian Kill photos puts Cruise on the front lines

Warner Bros. has posted a number of photos from the set of its latest sci-fi adaptation.

All You Need is Kill is a go

Warner Bros. is ready to kick off production of its upcoming sci-fi adaptation.

We Are Mortals casting picks up

Warner Bros. has kicked off secondary casting for We Are Mortals, signaling that the development phase may be nearing its end.

Tom Cruise joins We are Mortals

Now that Cruise is finished with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, it seems he wants to keep working, and interestingly enough, he’s lining up some great looking genre films.

Tom Cruise may star in All You Need is Kill adaptation

We Are Mortals, the newly titled film adaptation of All You Need is Kill, is ready to start collecting names for a cast.