Robots (algorithms) are taking over

Recently, the global financial market experienced a series of computer glitches that abruptly brought operations to a halt. One reason for these "flash freezes" may be the sudden emergence of mobs of ultrafast robots, which trade on the global markets and operate at speeds beyond human capability, thus overwhelming the system.

This computer system automatically generates TCP congestion-control algorithms

TCP, the transmission control protocol, is one of the core protocols governing the Internet: If counted as a computer program, it's the most widely used program in the world.

Robotic plane dodges obstacles indoors

MIT researchers have created an autonomous plane that can fly indoors - without the use of GPS.

MIT scientists code self-sculpting sand

MIT scientists have coded a series of algorithms that could ultimately facilitate the design of "smart sand" capable of assuming any shape.

The 3D algorithms of artificial intelligence

Robots could soon be capable of real-time autonomous navigation by creating and continuously updating an internal three-dimensional map.

Perimeter security goes high-tech

Lockheed Martin and Intelleflex have developed an advanced perimeter security system that uses modified firmware, interrogation protocols and tracking algorithms to prevent unauthorized infiltrations.