Report: Algae biofuel can cut CO2 emissions by up to 68 percent

Algae-derived biofuel can reduce life cycle CO2 emissions by 50 to 70 percent compared to petroleum fuels, and is approaching a similar Energy Return on Investment (EROI) as conventional petroleum according to a new peer-reviewed paper published in Bioresource Technology. The study, which is the first to analyze real-world data from an existing algae-to-energy demonstration scale farm, shows that the environmental and energy benefits of algae biofuel are at least on par, and likely better, than first generation biofuels.

US Navy sails 1,200 miles on algae biofuel

Newt Gingrich may mock algae as a source of clean fuel, but the U.S. Navy's got no problem with it. In fact, the Navy is extending - literally - its use of biofuels derived from the stuff.