Yelp cracks down on fake reviews

Fed up with business owners paying for fake reviews, Yelp is to introduce a system to warn users when it believes they're being misled.

'Date rape' sensor identifies spiked drinks

Tel Aviv University researchers have developed an anti-date rape device that can detect whether a drink's been spiked and warn the victim.

Geocaching sparks terrorist alert

Geocaching - a gentle pursuit, for children and men with beards, right? Not in the small English market town of Wetherby, it seems, where the activity led to a full-scale terrorist alert.

Facebook launches suicide alert system

Facebook's launched a scheme in the UK to let worried users sound the alert if they think one of their friends may be suicidal.

Adobe Flash, Reader and Acrobat Security Alert

Danger, danger, Will Robinson! Abandon Flash. Jump to HTML5 before we all implode.

Gmail to detect "suspicious" account activity

Google has introduced a new feature to notify Gmail users of potentially "suspicious" account login activity.