Parrot busts owner for drunk driving

So you thought you were really clever teaching your pet to talk. You thought you could celebrate your brilliance, have a few drinks, laugh it up. Your pet parrot didn't think it was so funny and didn't have any qualms letting the police know.

Alcohol + energy drinks = risky sex?

There just may be a link between caffeinated energy drinks mixed with alcohol and casual sex.

 How so, you ask?

Online gamblers keener on booze and weed

Online gamblers are more likely to show addictive behaviors such as drinking and smoking cannabis than offline players, new research shows.

Sex-starved fruit flies turn to drink

Sensitive little beggars, fruit flies - they take it hard when they're unlucky in love, and hit the bottle.

Alcohol doubles lifespan

In news that will have dipsomaniacs laughing all the way to the liquor store, scientists have discovered that alcohol can double lifespan.

Study: Alcohol officially leads to unsafe sex

Be careful with the alcohol this holiday season. Yes, a new study has confirmed what most people have long suspected: alcohol can directly influence a person to have unsafe sex.

Report: moderate drinking can help prevent dementia

A new analysis conducted by the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine claims that moderate social drinking can help reduce the risk of dementia and cognitive impairment.

Study: Tinted glasses give migraine relief

People who are hung over or suffer from migraines know that wearing tinted lenses not only makes you look cool, it helps ease the pain.

Using red wine to treat concussions in pro boxers

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers are asking for the help of professional boxers to study a component in red wine.

Heredity linked to subjective effects of alcohol

Scientists have known for a long time that people who have a close relative who is an alcoholic have a much better chance of abusing the sauce.

Study: Teenage alcohol use linked to computer use

A new study says teens that drink alcohol spend more time on their computers than their peers who don’t drink.

American Chemical Society publishes recipe for the perfect Bloody Mary

As a hat tip to the International Year of Chemistry, the American Chemical Society has officially announced the scientifically perfect Bloody Mary. Rejoice!

FDA set to do some buzzkilling with caffinated alcohol

United States government nannies are readying a ban that will kill the buzz of thousands of college students across the nation. We will soon be able to add caffeinated alcohol drinks to the list of things that that we do not have permission to consume.

Snowblind Ozzy really is a super mutant

Scientists have confirmed that the Prince of Darkness - aka Sir Ozzy Osbourne - is endowed with several enigmatic genetic mutations related to how his body processes drugs and alcohol.

Did you know that scientists say alcohol is as bad for you as hard drugs?

A new study scientific study has confirmed what true party animals have known for a long time. Alcohol is just as bad for you as the other traditional hard drugs.

Is alcohol tolerance all in the genes you wear?

Do you drunkenly pride yourself on how much alcohol you can consume without passing out while your friends lay drooling on the floor? Well, researchers have discovered that alcohol tolerance might have nothing to do with how manly you are and could be more closely related to genes in the human body.

Psychiatrist compares video game addicts to junkies

An undoubtedly well-meaning psychiatrist has claimed that video game dependence is similar to drug and alcohol addiction.