The genre shows of 2012

It’s that time of year again. Yes, the current round of shows are ending, while the networks plan the upcoming season.

Fox cancels Alcatraz

Revolution - yet another JJ Abrams inspired series - recently received the green light for a season at NBC.

The shankings of Alcatraz

The first, rather short, season of Alcatraz has come to a cliff-hanging close. Has the big-mystery series shanked itself with the season finale?

What’s missing from Alcatraz?

Before Alcatraz aired, we got clued in to a particular production delay. All of the episodes which had so far been filmed needed to have new scenes filme dadded, due to a change in direction for the series which occurred when co-producer Jennifer Johnson joined the project.

Terra Nova headed for extinction

Fox will not be renewing its dinosaur adventure show, Terra Nova. Yes, we’ve known for some time the popular series was on the list of possible shows to get chopped.

House makes room for Fox sci-fi

In what is perhaps bad news for fans of medical mysteries, Fox has decided not to renew House M.D. for a ninth season.

JJ Abrams clinches new sci-fi show

It seems like every time I turn around JJ Abrams has a new project set up. 

The broken past of Alcatraz

This past week, Fox premiered Alcatraz - the new J.J. Abrams series - with a double episode evening.

Alcatraz breaks out strong

It's been a good year for JJ Abrams so far. The filming of Star Trek 2 is already underway, and Alcatraz has debuted to positive ratings and reviews.

JJ Abrams's Alcatraz has another secret box

Anyone who's a fan of Hollywood veteran JJ Abrams knows his theory of the secret box. 

JJ Abrams on Alcatraz and Star Trek 2 in 3D

JJ Abrams has a lot of action lined up for 2012. Principal photography on Star Trek 2 in 3D is beginning on the 15th, and his new series Alcatraz will premiere on the 16th.

JJ Abrams is back on TV with Alcatraz

When does this guy sleep? Not only is JJ Abrams beginning principal photography on Star Trek 2 on  January 15, his next TV series, Alcatraz, will soon premiere on January 16 on Fox.

New promo for Alcatraz gets LOST

Fox recently revealed a few new promo spots for its upcoming mid-season starter, Alcatraz. One shows  some LOSTesque scenes, while the other two are just recycled footage from previous promos rehashed into new 30 and 45 second spots.

New Alcatraz TV spot breaks out

This  week, we’re going to see trailers for the upcoming Alcatraz series appear during prime-time shows.

New genre television shows holding steady so far

Is a golden age of sci-fi upon us?

A TV full of Abrams

NBC will be running a new pilot from Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and popular writer/producer JJ Abrams.

This fall’s genre pilots and renewals

All four of the major networks have checked in and announced their fall line-ups.

Pilot screening for new J.J. Abrams series

This week, the major television networks screened pilots with test audiences to help them choose their fall line-up. Two of the pilot episodes were for new J.J. Abrams projects.