Akira Storyboards show what could have been

A number of storyboards linked to the live-action Akira adaptation - which would have been directed by Ruairi Robinson - recently surfaced online.

Amateur Akira filmmaker shows Hollywood how it’s done

We’ve been hearing news about the upcoming Warner Bros. film adaptation of the classic manga Akira for nearly a year now. Unfortunately, every move the studio has taken seems like a step in the wrong direction.

Akira adaptation may be lost

The American adaptation of Akira, the popular manga and anime, has seen lots of ups and down. Still, this may be the last straw as Warner Bros. gives the producers and director two weeks to make it work.

Akira synopsis is a stunning disappointment

The Akira synopsis confirms the core story has been completely altered from its original, as the experiment is the only element retained. In addition, character names have not been changed to reflect their new nationality.

The Akira saga continues

Conflicting reports claim that both Ken Watanabe and Gary Oldman are up for a part in Akira.

Kristen Stewart may take Akira role

Kristen Stewart has reportedly been offered the romantic lead in the upcoming film adaptation of Akira.

Akira gets the green light

Warner Bros. has greenlit the production of Akira for Jaume Collet-Serra. The mostly unknown director came on board to replace Albert Hughes, who backed out due to creative differences.

Akira film changes focus

Warner Bros. is apparently giving up on turning Akira into a blockbuster.

Akira remake loses director

It just keeps looking worse for the American attempt at Akira.

Keanu Reeves might take Akira Role

There is a rumor that Keanu Reves is in talks with Warner Bros. over the possibility of taking the role of Kaneda in the American film adaptation of the classic Manga, Akira.

Casting has begun for Akira

The script for the Hollywood remake of Akira is finished and being shopped to actors, but the studio seems to be making some strange decisions.