TSA barcode flaw could let terrorists bypass security

A vulnerability in the system for US domestic airline boarding cards could tell terrorists when it's safe to take unauthorized items on board.

New bill aims to eliminate TSA scanning, groping

Americans are getting fed up with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) molesting and x-raying travelers.

Airport body x-ray scanner concerns slowly growing

The mainstream media might not give it much coverage, but information has been slowly leaking out into the public sphere that airport body scanners could be dangerous to people who pass through them. They could be more dangerous than the government previously admitted.

Delta in-flight Wi-Fi hits 1 million users

More than 430 aircraft on Delta's mainline fleet now are equipped to offer Wi-Fi service while passengers are above 10,000 feet in the air, and more than 1 million customers have logged onto the digital mile-high club.

United Airlines finally offers mobile boarding pass

Following the example that numerous other airlines have set for months or even years, United Airlines announced that it too now offers mobile boarding passes and paperless boarding.