Airbus team has vision of a 3D-printed jumbo jet

Bastian Schaefer and his team at Airbus have a vision of a more sustainable future for aviation, a future that should incorporate social as well as environmental and economic value. To help make this dream a reality, have come up with a disruptive structure that mimics the design ...

Future airports to launch planes with a "slingshot"

While more convenient and enjoyable than long distance trips by road or rail, flying is one of the most carbon heavy ways to travel. 

Airbus shows off plane of the future - and it's transparent

Those of us who have problems with glass elevators could be grounded for good, if Airbus's new concept plane becomes a reality.

Solar powered plane soars over Swiss skies

The solar powered Impulse HB-SIA has successfully completed its maiden voyage over a picturesque Swiss airfield.

Intel, Motorola sued over Flight 447 Airbus crash

A case started in a California district court on behalf of some of the relatives who died when an Air France flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on June 1 2009.