Daily pill can slash chances of HIV infection

The FDA has given its seal of approval to a drug that can cut the risk of HIV infection by three quarters.

Engineered stem cells kill HIV

UCLA researchers say they've shown that genetically engineered stem cells can attack HIV-infected cells in a living organism.

Gamers solve AIDS puzzle where scientists fail

Online gamers have succeeded where scientists have failed for a decade, successfully deciphering the structure of an AIDS-like retrovirus enzyme.

Report: HIV patient cured by stem cell transplant

A chronically ill HIV patient has reportedly been cured of the disease by an emergency stem cell transplant.

Lady Gaga swears off social networking

Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and other celebrities are swearing off Twitter and Facebook to raise money for an AIDS charity.

All viruses may be stowaways within our DNA

All viruses, including relatives of HIV and Ebola, could potentially be 'stowaways' transmitted from generation to generation for millions of years, according to new research.