Opinion: What HP missed about the future could affect other companies

HP had what was likely one of the best financial analyst meetings this week and the difference between the company this year and last was quite pronounced.

7 reasons the legal profession is facing a technology hump

Lawyer robots will one day kill us all while suing us for copyright infringement on our DNA, but until then, it could be that technology is making the profession a little nervous about its role in IT.

Swarming robots could serve future humans

Swarms of robots working together could ultimately provide new opportunities for humans to harness the power of machines.

Researchers boost Artificial Intelligence (AI) with evolution

Cornell University researchers have successfully simulated 25,000 generations of evolution in an effort to determine why biological networks tend to be organized as modules.

Cambridge center to study tech extinction risks

A proposed new center at Cambridge University will examine technologies, from biotechnology to artificial intelligence, that could perhaps threaten the future of our species.

Video: Unreal game bots pass Turing test

An artificially intelligent (AI) virtual gamer coded by University of Texas at Austin scientists recently won the prestigious BotPrize after impressing judges with its human-like abilities in Unreal Tournament 2004. 

AI system charts the universe

German astronomers have created an artificial intelligence algorithm to help chart and explain the structure and dynamics of the universe more accurately than ever before.

Video: Autonomous tank 'bot defuses IEDs

Mesa Robotics has built an autonomous tank that drives itself and automatically defuses Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

How Hollywood keeps its secrets

It's hard to imagine how Alfred Hitchcock would have dealt with the Internet.

New AI system increases the reliability of opinion polls

Scientists have figured out a way to use an artificial intelligence-based system to make the results of opinion polls more reliable.

Peddie: Console gaming is "limited"

Industry analyst Jon Peddie believes console gaming is hopelessly constrained by aging hardware, lack of precision controllers and low resolution.

DARPA recruits AI powered vehicles for surveillance missions

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has kicked off an initiative to develop advanced machine-based visual intelligence capabilities for camera-equipped, unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs).

Will AI transform the 'Net?

A prominent Russian tycoon believes that advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) will catapult the online experience to new levels of sophistication.

Video: Epic overhauls Unreal 3 UDK

Well, here I was thinking that Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 was all tapped out. I’m certainly happy to say I couldn’t have been more wrong.

US Army to upgrade autonomous droids with advanced AI

The US Army is examining various ways of upgrading the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of its tactical robot fleet.

Do Japanese games suck?

Japanese games were once synonymous with breathtaking graphics, superior AI and immersive virtual environments. 

But those days have passed into distant memory.