T-Mobile promises Apple devices next year

T-Mobile has revealed that it's signed a deal with Apple, making it likely that the company will start offering the iPhone and iPad next year.

Zynga and Facebook scrap partnership deal

Zynga is loosening its ties with Facebook, opening the possibility that Facebook could start developing its own games.

Apple reveals secret licensing deal with Microsoft

Apple quietly licensed certain design patents to Microsoft, it's been revealed as part of its patent case against Samsung.

Samsung agrees to pay Microsoft royalties for Android

Samsung's given up its patent battle with Microsoft, agreeing to pay license fees on every Android device it sells and to work with Microsoft on Windows Phone.

Israel teams with Russia on space research

Israel and Russia have signed a deal to cooperate and share technology in space research and exploration.

FTC raps Twitter over critical privacy lapse

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Twitter have reached an agreement over charges that the latter entity failed to protect users from security breaches which allowed hackers to access a number of accounts.