Will and Jaden Smith Collect Razzies For After Earth

While there was a surprise here and there at the Academy Awards this year, it was fairly predictable what would win, which is usually how the Oscars go. When the Razzies come along every year as well, it’s often pretty predictable what will win as well, especially with so many cinematic dogs stinking up the joint. 

Are These The Worst Movies of the Year?

I try to avoid bad movies as much as I can, and not bad movies that are fun, like Plan 9 From Outer Space. I mean really bad sh*t like Armageddon, movies that you wouldn’t watch again to get out of debt. In fact, it was that film, Batman and Robin, and the ’98 remake of Godzilla where I really had to draw a line in the sand and vow never to sit through anything that awful again. 

Lone Ranger Blame Goes Round and Round

It’s been a very hard summer at the box office with over six weeks of flops in a row. The most notorious of a long stream of summer failures will either be The Lone Ranger, or After Earth. We at TGD followed both films closely, and despite so many efforts to try and turn things around, the Jerry Bruckheimer western seemed doomed from day one.

Will After Earth hit or miss?

It looks like the biggest movie of the summer has already hit theaters, even though the summer just started. Iron Man 3 is the box office juggernaut to beat this year, although we still have Star Trek Into Darkness and many other big contenders this season to come.

Can After Earth bring M Night Shyamalan back?

Will Smith is a big science fiction fan, and it’s pretty evident from two of his biggest roles, ID4 and I Am Legend.

After Earth trailer must not know fear

Sony Pictures recently posted the very first trailer for its upcoming sci-fi adventure film.

After Earth promo follows the timeline

Sony Pictures has released a promotional video for its upcoming sci-fi adventure film, After Earth.

After Earth plot synopsis surfaces ahead of Comic-Con

Jaden Smith has been in several major movies already, including Karate Kid and The Pursuit of Happiness.