Magnetic anomaly deep within Earth's crust reveals Africa in North America

The repeated cycles of plate tectonics that have led to collision and assembly of large supercontinents and their breakup and formation of new ocean basins have produced continents that are collages of bits and pieces of other continents.

BlackBerry users hit by outage

With impeccable timing, BlackBerry email and messaging services are down for many users across Europe, the Middle East and Africa - on the day that the iPhone 5 launches.

Genetic mutation explains human migration

The reason you (probably - let's not make assumptions here) don't live by an African lake and feed mainly on fish may be a single, ancient mutation.

Modern human culture may not be so modern

The emergence of technology and art leading to the basis of society as we know it today may have happened much longer ago than originally believed.

Gates Foundation malaria vaccine halves infection rates

The millions of dollars pumped into malaria research by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have paid off: the team's developed a vaccine that halves the risk of the disease in young children - its most frequent victims.

Lions more likely to attack after a full moon

If you didn't already make it a priority to avoid lions and other maneating creatures like wolves, scientists warn you should particularly avoid them right after a full moon when they are the most likely to eat you.

Africa to split in two within ten million years

Within 10 million years the Horn of Africa will fall away and a new ocean will form, says a team at the University of Leeds.