Marines turn to solar in Afghanistan

A year ago, the U.S. Marines said they were going into full production with some easy-to-set-up solar power systems, and would be putting them to use in the field. They weren’t lying.

Pentagon says going green will reduce battlefield risks

The US Department of Defense (DoD) is currently engaged in a "hard push" to significantly reduce dependence on fossil fuels in an effort to shrink risks on the battlefield.

Is the X-37B space plane spying on China?

A new report indicates that the X-37B - a top-secret space plane operated by the US Air Force - may be spying on China.

British upgrade defense simulations for console generation

Britain's Ministry of Defence has admitted that its war simulations aren't up to scratch for a generation reared on the PlayStation and Xbox.

Clean energy military engagement a positive action

Progressives have never been very good about admitting - let alone claiming - victory.

U.S. aid to Afghanistan ends up in Taliban hands

It seems as if millions of dollars in U.S. aid to Afghanistan has been intercepted by the Taliban.

Army uses radar to detect suicide bombers

The U.S. Army is splashing out $48.2 million to purchase a number of devices capable of detecting suicide bombers at 100 yards.

Afghani city builds its own internet

With internet censorship sweeping the globe, one group in Afghanistan has the answer - build your own from cheap parts and trash.

Report: Iraqi War vets suffer from high rate of respiratory illness

Army veteran Scott Weakley is a former marathon runner who returned from the second Iraq war barely able to climb two or three flights of stairs without feeling exhausted. 

Military spends billions on ISR gear in Afghanistan

The U.S. military will reportedly spend a cool one billion dollars on the purchase of additional intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) gear to assist soldiers deployed in Afghanistan.

Obama admin red-faced as Der Spiegel images hit the 'Net

A very red-faced Obama administration is moving to mitigate diplomatic fallout caused by graphic pictures of atrocities committed against civilians by U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan.

Marines embrace solar energy in Afghanistan

It's all about the mission. That's been the overriding message from the various branches of the U.S. military as they pursue renewable-energy solutions - and Marines in Afghanistan are providing real-world evidence to back that up.

Army deploys solar-powered shelters in Afghanistan

The US Army has been greening operations on a number of fronts, and the latest is a solar-powered shelter that pops up directly over a tent.

This ruggedized PS3 is going to war

Talent serial modder Ben Heck has designed a ruggedized portable Playstation 3 for recreational use by US forces stationed in Afghanistan.

Futuristic XM-25 Airburst Weapon deployed in Afghanistan

The US military has deployed at least five futuristic Individual Airburst Weapon Systems in Afghanistan capable of firing specialized rounds that explode at precise locations in enemy territory.

US military taps cloud computing in Afghanistan

The US military is shipping cloud computing infrastructure to Afghanistan where its secure network will be used to provide US soldiers with critical surveillance data.

Liquid blade disables IEDs in Afghanistan

Researchers at Sandia National Labs have developed a "liquid blade" capable of disabling improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The device - which shoots a blade of water and penetrates even steel - is currently being shipped to US troops deployed in Afghanistan.

US drones help Brits fight Taliban in Afghanistan

Unmanned American drones are helping British soldiers deployed in Afghanistan to step up their fight against the Taliban. 

Taliban mission sparks Medal of Honor controversy

Want to play Medal of Honor as a Taliban terrorist? Well, just don't tell Fox News about it.

Pop princess bashes video game violence

Pop princess Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam recently claimed that video games were responsible for teaching American kids to act violently and prepare for war.