Twitter bullish on small advertisers

Harnessing the power of Twitter for advertising is one of the holy grails of modern marketing. But does anyone know how? 

Games - and beer ads - set to boost augmented reality

Mobile augmented reality is set to rocket over the next four years, according to analyst Juniper Research.

Twitter struggles with viable advertising model

Twitter, the social networking site often mentioned alongside Facebook, has a fairly new business model when it comes to advertising. Last year, the company introduced its paid advertising model, "Promoted Tweets," and less than a year later, the company is playing it down.

Audi to launch R8 commercial with Twitter hashtag

We all know that the Super Bowl is about so much more than bean dip and football: the commercials.

Pay to "like" on Facebook

As Facebook swells with over 500 million users worldwide, marketers and companies stare longingly at the site, hoping to turn its super social clout into an exercise in brand recognition. Previously limited to fan pages and paid ads, Facebook announced today its "sponsored stories" feature.

AOL renews ad deal with Google

AOL's renewed its search advertising deal with Google for another five years, and expanded it to include mobile search and YouTube.

Tobacco firms 'may be illicitly advertising on YouTube'

A New Zealand researcher is claiming that the tobacco industry may be using YouTube to push its products surreptitiously.

Cybercriminals launch multi-stage attacks

Cybercriminals have reportedly increased their effectiveness by launching "multi-stage" attacks that combine messaging with other Web activities. 

Twitter launches latest monetization plan

Twitter has taken a tentative step into the online shopping business with the launch of a new service pointing users to deals at online and mainstream retailers.

Why Android is better than Apple

Will Android-based smartphones such as the HTC Incredible crush Apple's next-gen iPhone (4G) in the perpetual battle for mobile dominance?

Twitter unveils monetization plans

Twitter has unveiled its very-long-awaited plans to start making money, by, er, bunging ads on the site.

Facebook pulls in Google advertising exec

Most people would expect an executive position on Google's ad team to be the pinnacle of their career. Well, until Facebook started to prove itself as a real competitor to the once-undisputed online leader.

Twitter considering new ad-funded model

Twitter is believed to be planning a new advertising system similar to Google's AdWords.  

Google mobs Mobile World Congress

Google "hearts mobile" was the message delivered by the firm’s CEO at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Apple hopes to keep mobile advertising all to itself

Apple has told developers that they cannot use location-based services to deliver advertisements to the iPhone, iPod touch and - when it appears - the iPad.