Google's 'Pay Per Gaze' and the Future of Connected Advertising

Google may currently have no plans to insert advertising into its nascent Glass product, but the patent the company was recently granted for “pay-per-gaze” technology hints at an ad platform that elevates pay-per-engagement to a whole new level.While Google has played down the notion of rolling out anything ...

FTC to probe Google again

The Federal Trade Commission is taking yet another look at Google, this time over allegations the company used its near-monopolistic position online to sell and serve graphic and video ads.

Don't be bullied by the Google monster

Opinion Does being the Jack of all Trades and the master of none apply to Google? I fear so. Having oodles of cash has tempted Google into all manner of strange ventures but it’s pretty clear that some of its wacky ideas are way off kilter.

Google asks Microsoft to kill its app

Google wants Microsoft to kill its homebrew YouTube app for Windows Phone 8. T

Instagram tries to talk its way out of disaster

Following yesterday's outcry over Instagram's radical changes to its terms of service, the company's attempting to reassure users.

Facebook shares hit new low

Facebook's shares have fallen sharply, after the company posted a $157 million loss for the first quarter after its flotation.

Americans turned off by targeted political ads

Americans hate tailored political advertising - so much so that it's likely to put them off politicians they already support.

Apple hit with massive fine for misleading iPad claims

Apple's been fined US$2.29 million for misleading Australian customers over the 4G capability of the iPad.

GM pulls paid ads from Facebook

Just days before its IPO, Facebook's had a big blow: General Motors has decided to pull all of its paid advertising, saying it's just not cost-effective.

Facebook charges over $700k for logout ad bundles

I'm not really a heavy user of Facebook, but I do browse the social networking site often enough that I don't feel the need to logout after every session.

Apple sued over Siri 'false advertising'

A New York man is suing Apple, claiming the Siri voice assistant is pretty much useless - despite ads which presented it as the answer to all ills.

Facebook mobile ads are on the way

Before too long, if you want to update your status on-the-go you may be subject to a new advertising platform.

Twitter redesigns to take on Facebook

Twitter's had a major redesign, aimed at making it faster, easier to navigate - and more attractive to advertisers.

Google 'profited from illegal mortgage ads'

The federal government has shut down 85 websites it says were preying on vulnerable homeowners by offering dodgy mortgage deals through ads on Google.

FBI nabs Estonians for massive net advertising fraud

Six Estonians and a Russian have been accused of hijacking millions of computers worldwide to carry out a massive advertising fraud.

Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL team up to sell ads

Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL have agreed to pool unsold ad space so that customers can advertise across all three sites.

LinkedIn may be using your photo for adverts

Following a recent - and very quiet - update to its privacy policy, LinkedIn has started using members' names and photos in advertisements by default.

France bans on-air mentions of Facebook and Twitter

French broadcast media are to be prevented from mentioning Facebook or Twitter on air - even to direct their viewers to their own sites.

YouTube rolls out 3,000 new movie rental titles

Google is currently rolling out 3,000 new movie titles on its YouTube rental platform in the United States.

Yes, ads are coming to Skype

Like all good things, the days of an advertisement-free Skype experience seem destined to end.