Ads in violent video games turn players against products

Embedding advertisements in violent video games has a totally counter-productive effect, putting users off products and lowering brand recall.

Windows 7 was Alice's idea

You know those ads where some vacant kid declares that Windows 7 was his idea? Well, they have them in the UK, too.

Craigslist pulls its 'adult services' section

Craiglist has bowed to pressure to shut down its adult services listings, replacing the section with the word 'censored'.

Reddit challenges Conde Nast, runs pro-pot ads for free

Social news site Reddit has rejected calls from parent company Conde Nast to stop carrying ads in favour of the legalization of cannabis, and has vowed to run them for free.

California may put electronic ads on license plates

California is considering introducing electronic license plates that would raise money for the state by screening ads.

Yet another Bada Bing: Microsoft search gets Facebook

Forget Google! Microsoft has confirmed that it will soon offer Facebook users full access to its snazzy Bing search engine.