Adobe security breach: now what?

Well, the first thing you can do is change your Adobe ID and password. And there's more.

Adobe announces horrendous security breach

Over 2.9 million customers have their credit card and data compromised. That's a nice way of saying, stolen.  It looks like the breach has far reaching consequences because the attack went through Adobe's Coldfusion and there may be inherent weaknesses in the code. Coldfusion is widely used by many sites as a web application development platform and server.   

Adobe abandons boxed software

Adobe plans to move to a subscription cloud-based model for its CS range of products.

Big Data name of enterprise software game

A report from IDC said the market for enterprise software worldwide showed conservative growth during 2012.

Intel, AMD battle it out over APUs

An interview with AMD last week shed light on the latest battleground between Intel and AMD which underlies future changes in computing. 

Giant IT employee class action kicks off

The great and glorious names of the tech business are facing a class action over what might have been a trade cartel to control employee movements.

North Korea resorts to Photoshop propaganda

Taking a page out of the Iranian Photoshop propaganda playbook, North Korea has been caught altering images of a military exercise featuring a bunch of landing craft and elite DPRK soldiers storming a snowy beach.

Apple blames Big Content

Apple has explained that the reason Australians have to pay more for their music content than the rest of the world is not its fault.

Adobe meets Apple in a muddy business

This week Apple made the surprise announcement that it was hiring its long running enemy Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch as vice president of technology. Industry watchers who have been following Cupertino's antics to kill off Flash on the internet were surprised.

Adobe's subscription gamble pays off

Adobe's moves to get its clients to shift to a subscription model appear to be paying off. The outfit raised its full-year adjusted earnings forecast claiming that more customers chose its subscription-based model than expected.

Tech giants ordered to explain high Australian prices

The Australian government has summoned Apple, Microsoft and Adobe to explain why their products cost more there than in the rest of the world.

Adobe user forum suspended after hack

Adobe has become the latest victim of hackers, suspending its forum after login details were published online.

Ice Cream Sandwich's curious lack of Flash

Google's Ice Cream Sandwich is bringing a new flavor to Android, but it's missing one of the operating system's most differentiating toppings.

Occupy Flash wants to kill browser plug-in

In a blatant example of bandwagon-jumping, a group of developers opposed to Adobe's Flash plug-in web browser has decided to call itself 'Occupy Flash'.

Adobe scraps mobile Flash

Adobe's reported to have halted development of Flash Player for browsers on mobile devices.

Adobe Flash banned in Windows Metro IE10

Microsoft has confirmed that Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) will not be supporting Adobe Flash in its upcoming Windows 8 Metro environment - a UI which has been specifically optimized to run on tablet devices.

Adobe buys EchoSign for digital signature service

Adobe's planning to add electronic signatures to its Portable Document Format (PDF) digital document standard, through the acquisition of Palo Alto-based EchoSign late last week.

Adobe still in denial about Flash and Apple

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen claims there will be 130 million smartphone devices running Flash by the end of 2011. Maybe - but what about performance and power drain?

Adobe releases Flash-to-HTML online tool

Content creators who don't want to dabble in iPad development because it doesn't support Flash video have something enticing them to come over to the other side.

Adobe gives users more control over Flash cookies

Adobe's moved to improve the privacy settings for Flash cookies - or local shared objects (LSOs), as it prefers to call them.