Should You Keep Your Mental Illness a Secret at Work?

It’s bad enough that most health insurance companies will gladly discriminate against you for having a pre-existing mental illness, such as bipolar disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But what about other people, like your coworkers? Will they still treat you the same if they knew you ...

Report: Video games boost visual attention, reduce impulse control

A person playing a first-person shooter video game like Halo or Unreal Tournament must make decisions quickly. That fast-paced decision-making, it turns out, boosts the player's visual skills but comes at a cost, according to new research: reducing the person's ability to inhibit impulsive behavior.

Report: Gaming can help ADHD and Alzheimer's

Yes, you can definitely spend too much time playing games to the point where it's unhealthy.

Cellphone use in pregnancy linked to ADHD

Yet more evidence that cellphones are near-lethal devices; yet more evidence that pregnant women should lock themselves away in an isolation tank for nine months.

Snorting Ritalin to play Xbox 360

Spending all your money and time on console games may be sad, yet somewhat understandable. However, snorting Ritalin just so you can stay awake and play Xbox 360 titles is ridiculous - and quite dangerous. 

Late night texting can make teens even moodier

Did you know that late night texting can make teenagers even moodier than they already are?