Batman the TV Series Finally Coming to DVD and BluRay This Year

It took a long time, and some fans, like myself, never thought it would come to pass, but it’s now official…Batman the TV show is coming to DVD and BluRay this year.

Holy Fake Bat Cowl Batman! $1,500??!!

The rubber Batman cowl is always a great Halloween perennial. When in doubt, you can buy it at a costume store, plop it on your head, and you’re good to go for trick or treating. But we’re talking the modern Batman look. What if you want to go Adam West this October? 

Ben Affleck Batman Controversy: Adam West Is Here to Help

Okay, okay, so the world hasn’t been taking the news of Ben Affleck playing Batman very well. We also get the distinct impression that a Batman Vs Superman movie isn’t such a smart idea. We know what the general public thinks, no big news flash there, but what does Adam West think?

Old school Batman is back

Today’s generation may find the Batman of the 60's rather silly, but we wouldn’t have the modern Batman we know and love today without the TV show.

Old School genre toys return

How many of us wish we still had our old Star Wars toys, especially when we found out how much we could sell them for today?

Owning the original Batmobile

Although many find the TV Batman of the sixties silly, it was the big launching point for many of us in terms of becoming life-long Bat-fans.

Batman’s Adam West gets his Hollywood star

As much as Batman’s really come a long way in recent years, there’s no way I’d ever criticize the 1966 TV show.

A look back at TV Batman

When the 1989 big screen version of Batman came out, it was immediately clear the film was a very different take on the caped crusader.

A look back at the original TV Batman

Batman's become way more modern and hip since the 60's, but many of us geeks remember the original television show quite fondly and even watch it from time to time. 

Holy cult classic Batman!

At Comic Con this past July, there was a big Batman reunion featuring Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar.

Adam West Dark Knight cameo debunked

I know, I  know, we're all itchin' like crazy for anything on The Dark Knight Rises, and it's funny to see what kind of rumors grow in the void when little or no official information is released.