Video Game Aliens Attack the World, Can Adam Sandler Save Us?

There’s quite a few video game movies currently in the works right now, but this one sounds like a pretty interesting concept. A group of aliens attack the world, and their assaults are staged like video games. It’s up to several gamers to defeat them and save the world from certain doom. 

Hotel Transylvania trailer stops in uninvited

Sony Pictures Animation has released its first full-length trailer for the upcoming CGI monster comedy, Hotel Transylvania.

Is Adam Sandler hosting a Mad Monster Party?

Usually I'm not interested whatsoever in anything involving Adam Sandler, but one movie he's got coming up in September has definitely made me curious.

You’re so fired

When the news hit that Carol Bartz was fired from Yahoo, and terminated over the phone no less, it obviously conjured up a lot of bad memories for many people.