Acer expands C7 Chromebook lineup

Acer has expanded its C7 Chromebook lineup with a new laptop.

Acer aims to be a force in worldwide tablet market

Although Acer is still one of the world’s leading PC makers, it hasn’t had much luck in the tablet market.

Intel and Acer debut Liquid C1 smartphone

Acer has debuted an Intel x86-powered smartphone built around the latter company's Lexington SoC architecture which is aimed at emerging mobile markets.

HP's Chromebook set for February launch

Hewlett Packard (HP) will apparently be launching a slick Chromebook on February 17.

Acer's Iconia B1-A71 is a budget-friendly Android Jelly Bean tablet

Acer has debuted the Iconia B1-A71, which can best be described as a budget-friendly Android tablet with a price tag under $150.

Report: Acer prepping a $99 Android tablet

Acer is reportedly prepping a new 7-inch Android tablet that will carry an uber-low price tag of $99.

Acer debuts $300 Chromebook

There are currently three primary Chromebooks on the market: Samsung's ARM-powered device, Acer's $199 Intel x86-based (Celeron 847) laptop and Acer's $300 C710-2605 which apparently rolled out earlier today.

Acer rolls out $400 Windows 8 TravelMate

Acer has introduced a Windows 8-powered  ultraportable PC lineup targeted at students and budget-conscious users.

Acer's Revo RL80 packs a Core i3 processor

Compact yet full-featured Revo RL80 will make for an impressive HTPC.

Acer pushes back its Windows RT plans

Acer says it does not want to be a guinea pig.

Acer's Iconia Tab A110 runs Jelly Bean with a $230 price tag

Acer's Android Iconia Tab A110 will hit the streets for a cool $230.

Acer's "floating" AIO PCs run Windows 8

Acer has introduced a pair of new all-in-one computers designed specifically to run Windows 8.

Acer's Iconia W510 is a Windows 8 tablet PC

Acer has introduced a Windows 8-powered tablet PC dubbed the Iconia W510.

Windows 8 shows up early on HSN

Of all the places you might expect the latest technological advancement to show up first...the Home Shopping Network isn't usually the first that comes to mind.

Acer's Iconia W700 Windows 8 tablet has an $800 price tag

Acer's Iconia W700 Windows 8-powered tablet will cost between $800-$1,000 - depending on options.

Acer not updating Iconia Tabs to Jelly Bean

Acer has become one of the first tablet manufacturers to specifically announce some of its devices won't ever move beyond Android 4.0.

Acer Iconia Tab A700 getting Jelly Bean

Acer isn't the biggest name in Android tablets, but it is getting one of the first tablet updates to the latest Google firmware.

Iconia Tab may be getting Jelly Bean

Acer's Iconia Tab may be one of the first tablets to get a Jelly Bean upgrade.

On Windows 8, Surface and tablet wars

Recently, certain execs at Acer made some rather strong comments about Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablet.

Acer warns Microsoft over Surface tablets

Redmond seems quite intent on ignoring vendor concerns over its upcoming Surface tablet.