Compressorhead: Real Heavy Metal

In metal, it’s always about what bands are heavier. Well how about a band that’s actually comprised of heavy metal, namely the robot band Compressorhead? We at TGD have been fascinated by the concept of a robot band that’s programmed to play metal classics, and they just played in New York as part of a General Electric celebration of “Brilliant Machines.”

The power of the almighty riff

What is metal without riffs? Come to think of it, what’s rock and roll without riffs?

Iran scoffs at AC/DC "loud volume" virus

A top Iranian official has denied that its controversial nuclear program was targeted by yet another cyber attack. 

The perseverance of AC/DC

I’ve seen plenty of bands of all genres in my day, but I can’t think of any that was more fun to go see than AC/DC.