Yes, memory accuracy and strength can be manipulated during sleep

The sense of smell might seem intuitive, almost something you take for granted. But researchers from NYU Langone Medical Center have found that memory of specific odors depends on the ability of the brain to learn, process and recall accurately and effectively during slow-wave sleep — a deep sleep characterized by slow brain waves.

GPS accuracy given big boost

Spanish researchers say they've found a way to improve cars' GPS in cities by as much as 90 percent with a new low-cost device.

1990 climate change predictions turn out to be accurate

In a blow to those people who believe that global warming predictions are just a lot of hot air, an international team has established that predictions made 20 years ago are turning out pretty accurate.

GPS used to improve weather forecasts

Australian scientists are employing GPS to make weather forecasting more accurate, with a new type of temperature profile observation.

New lie-detector more accurate than professional interrogators

A University of Buffalo researcher says she's developed a lie detector based on human eye movements that's more accurate than expert human interrogators.

And today's space weather forecast is... more accurate

Space weather forecasts are about to get more accurate - just in time for a period of increased solar activity.

Nvidia questions unofficial Ion 2 netbook benchmarks

Nvidia has questioned the accuracy of an unflattering Ion 2 benchmark test.